Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our future does what it wishes, appears when it wishes, and will be nothing that actually we wish for. Any system has specific naturally occurring process's. Systems are destined to become MORE complex prior to collapsing. There is not a system that can be named that becomes simpler as time progress's. The larger a system becomes the less controlled and organized it can be---this is why beehives and anthills at a specific point split into two groups and one will leave to construct a new hive or hill. Growth of a system is always followed by crash.

It always, always amazes me that our society considers itself immune to system dynamics. That principles consistently observed in the past, will not occur again. That what we are---what we have will continue endlessly. Where can our hive split and travel to after unlimited growth forces a change? There are more prisoners than farmers in the United States. How can a system such as that continue? I do truly believe that at the moment any, any problem, any single human, can be our societies tipping point into collapse. We are balanced that precariously.

My Montague Swiss paratrooper bicycle is in route after being backordered for 14 days------ I should receive it in 4 days. I am very happy.....the entire bicycling concept has become very important to me. I have already recieved my accessory items i ordered and I've even gotten a new hat to screen the sun from my brain while riding it.It is the idea of joining the urban bicyclists that i see everyday---(not the one's that are obviously riding a bike because of multiple dui's these guys you can tell immediately) but rather the people who have made bicycling transport a part of their daily life. As mentioned in previous blogs this project blindsided me----i never saw the bicycling jones coming at all-------no previous interest for years and years and years.

I will take bike porn photographs and post here as soon as i am able.I can't believe that i found an olive drab bike---this is beyond perfect for me---olive drab with flat black accessories---I really got bummed while my bicycle was on backorder----really bummed...i am so glad that i am not in that holding pattern any longer---it was raw to be getting in all the cool accessory items i ordered---but NOOOOOO, NO bicycle for you monkey boy....i will not say that this project is successful until i've gotten the bike put together, all the accessories mounted--and my first real ride completed. However when successfull with the bicycle the two stalled projects remaining will be the rovio retrofit and the solar/wind system finishing.

Last week i ordered a vintage PDa off of Amazon. A Palm M105. $14.00 This Palm model is the ultimate process of evolvement of the basic electronic date, note, calendar, todo list.There is no accessing the internet blahblahblah off this old solider. Just a good solid dependable electronic version of the pocket notebook.

Why do i do this? seek and purchase older hand held pocket computers and PDA's---

My reasoning is that there are viable older machines that work perfectly well within their design parameters that can still provide a valuable service. A perfect example is the Palm M105. I decided that i should stop using small paper notebooks during work meetings for scribbling important things and dates--- i needed someway of keeping my shit uptodate within these meetings and easily accessible afterwards. $14.00 gets me all of that---you could advise that i could just use a mobile phone or a netbook---but i do not want everything mixed together-----business and private mixing could be a problem for me with what i do.

I can handwrite notes in the meeting with the stylus on the note screen--keep work contacts, and update my mobile personal work calendar.... by using (still viable) vintage equipment-- if lost,forgotten, stolen or broken there's no boo-hooing over the how stupid i am and how expensive that was.I believe Philosophically that there is still work for this older equipment---like WAll-E because you are considered an outdated model it does not mean you are. If an older piece of techno equipment can do only one job--why not find a spot for it to do that one job in your life--- insteading of just throwing it in the "pile of now useless stuff i bought". The even stranger part of this tale is that i am as excited awaiting my "new" $14.00 PDA as i would be awaiting a $1400.00 dollar computer---the excitement is the same----

Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.
Truman Capote

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