Thursday, August 02, 2007

This week for no apparent reason Work itself, the nature and environment, has simply been outa control ---it is strange the way my workplace cycles---very similar I imagine to the way a crowd panics---I go through these terrible workload weeks for what all intents and purposes is no reason other than a sense I have that it is crowd panic….unreasoning, directionless for the most part, demands for more and more work and services….I cannot determine if there is a preventative method on this workload hysteria syndrome—I cannot see a pattern of warning signs—the danger appears to come from nowhere---stays for as long as it pleases and then without an indicator the syndrome departs----so the sequence goes CALM-QUIET—INSANE—WORK---WORK—WORK—NOTHING.
Why is this????--- My workplace in this mode reminds me of how a cat behaves when it suddenly decides that, for no apparent reason, it desperately needs to be in another room IMMEDIATELY---LIKE RIGHT NOW! And runs crazed into the nearby room, stops and does actually nothing.
I get these unbelievable workload increases some weeks for literally no reason and transform into a dog chewing its own paws.

I have finally gotten my laptop systems up to a point where this week at work my lifebook saved my twitching ass. Having two memories available has been wondrous. It took me awhile to set up the desktop shortcuts so that I could recover quickly information most likely to be demanded and to eliminate the usual surplus, unnecessary information we all have a tendency to keep on our big desktop systems. But the principle worked perfectly.
I’ve also for the first time be able to construct, write and record for the blog on all my systems—XPS-DESKTOP-& LIFEBOOK…so this blog is the culmination of the utilization of multiple machines in multiple locations at multiple times. The next step is remote posting, which I will do as able. The laptop dance and increasing the level of my mobile computing competency is nearly at an end-----

I constructed my self-hypnosis tape last weekend, which somehow went amazingly well, and without difficulty--- this week however I have only had the opportunity to utilize the tape itself twice.
I am very surprise at several items. First: how effective the two sessions were.. as of yet do not mean long term but how well a homemade system like this seemed to work at the moment of listening. To produce the tape I had set up a portable stereo with a new age ambience CD playing softly in the background, I read from a script that I had especially modified/written for me over the top of the ambient music. I used a semi-pro, cassette, one channel deck with a teleconference style room-wide microphone and I was elated to find that the jury rigged system worked, honestly really, really, well.
I, of course, am hoping to put this system to use way more often than twice a week.
This has just been as previously mentioned an immensely complicated week but:
I did make the choice to include a long relaxation segment, which precludes using the tape while driving. If I am unable to find the time to increase my at home, self-hypnosis sessions I may have to reconstruct the tape—the script to a very specific set of driving/listening parameters. This would allow me to put the system to use during unscheduled time during my commute—I’ll have to ponder this however because I really do not wish to monkey around with something that appears to have been constructed really well. I’ve noticed that hearing my own voice talking to me on the tape has not at all been the drawback I originally suspected it might be. I personally, apparently, take myself seriously, even when talking to myself? I also have been re-reading a book I purchased several years ago on self-hypnosis, which I pulled from the personal library—I enjoy it when a item one purchased on a whimsy previously in life actually comes in handy, years later. It can actually make me feel that I am not the homer I consider myself to be eh? I am simply going to have to make more time for my self-hypnosis sessions and I will assuredly report on the success or failure of my home-brewed mental improvement sessions.

This past week was one of my best’s mileage wise---a 49 mpg week over a commute range of just less than 300 miles. I am hoping soon to break the 50 mpg real world/commute barrier. I am refining how I work the prius during the commute and I completely feel that mpg in excess of 50 is definitely possible. It is just rendering the process down into the HOW TO part!! It is interesting to me that these increases in mileage are NOT due to new equipment added onto the Prius---but are the result of study, improvement of technique, and concentration on maximizing performance on the road-----a wondrous thing in this day and age where improvement seems to be accepted only as the result of adding a new ‘piece’ or upgrade onto an item.

Displayed are random interesting architectural photographic concepts from round’ the web that I have collected…first a design drawing for a costal cottage in modern format---which I find very, very appealing---another a photograph of one of the growing range of "green" residences that have actually been built--- and last-below-left a very, very cool bamboo sink, yes bamboo sink--I am enjoying the new variance in thought range with design and architecture propelled by both green attitudes and the embrace of the concept that an item requires new thinking, new design, new technology all combined to provide worth and purpose. The push for usefulness and beauty are good in my eyes….

We have had a tremendous amount of recent rain in New Mexico---very strange how now we have a bumper crop of mosquito’s biting on us ….this is unheard of since previously in New Mexico we raised a mosquito crop of let’s say 5 total mosquito insects in the entire state..with this i publish.

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