Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just an odd observational item:
I find it an amusing trait among people who claim------
Why is it a constant that these same people can never stand to hear it like it is? I find this terribly interesting, well ah--situation. The "tell it like it is" people also seem to have received their degrees in logic and philosophy from the University of waffle house.

We are besieged within the concept of ---REDUCTION ---my wife and I are attempting to reduce down the stuff, the complexity caused by stuff in our lives—to ‘smaller down’ so to say.
This is a long term project--- if we wish to proceed without great financial losses…but that’s ok…time is relative and as long as progress is made that’s what counts… one cannot instantly change course on the life style roadway---you make turns in life like a supertanker, slowly—ponderously. Successful only through great effort….What we are attempting to do is to sell off surplus, or accumulated extra’s which are no longer necessary at this stage or for our future lives… in simpler terms----------TO SIMPLIFY i guess.
Now this is a real boo-hoo of a problem isn’t it? Only in our world of today would a person be looking to rid themselves of stupid things which have come to dominate their lives----
Since this blog is a thought process you without a doubt will continue to have appear the IWANTIWANTIWANT--------section on a random basis since I can express my desires here and not be held accountable for them since this is after all not real.

Ok we have a new dvd to "rainman" focus on--- "SUPERNATURAL". I feel as if I always have to update anyone who happens upon this with our counter-societal television habits. This is a bummer but perhaps necessary---- My wife and i have a tv but it's not hooked up to anything. We use the tv only for movies-dvd's. We hate commerical television with a passion that rivals our hatred for Paris Hilton news...however we've found acceptable 'packaged' series such as the X-files, Millennium, Harsh Realm, Serenity--blah-blah-woof woof. We take a chance on these series blind--buying off amazon based on the written description--since we have no reference points on good or bad---having had no commerical television for 22 years--Sort of like the Amish go to a strip club kinda parallel--- When we do find a series we like on dvd, we watch it till our eyes fall out, counting like junkies the number of shows left in the packet! Who else do you know who watched 9 years of the X-files, in sequence in one winter? So the latest attachment is to 'SUPERNATURAL'
SUPERNATURAL is basically constintine meets the mod squad in some ways, but it has this kinda natural, rhythm between the characters that's enjoyable and a definate X-files vibe that really works for us....if you get a chance check it out...i have'nt been able to get a glance on the watches worn by the two main characters yet---if the watches are cool that's the ultimate proof of a good show---( i know, i'm not right, it's ok--nothing to see here--move along)

this is pretty unique: Described as a radio station under construction in Poland? To tell the truth I'm not really sure, saw this on the web and had to have it--- It definately has a combination of moon-base alpha and gerbil habitat thing going on? I like it...outside the box you know? Seems rather large for a radio station alone--possibly rental space etc? I just thought the layout and design to be interesting-----if this had been built in iraq a couple of years ago, we would have smart bombed it just because of the way it looks----another item of interest that caught my eye was---a gentleman in China, rather than sharing an apartment with his children built himself a house out of a large concrete sewer pipe--and placed it outside the apartment building of his relatives---no inside photo's but a way of being there, without being there? In London a gentleman is building artist's studios and renting them out---the artists enjoy the communal atmosphere, other artists around help with creative blocks and 4 times a year the landlord hosts "open house" where patrons can walk through the studios and purchase art hot off the work table---so to say---very,very coolio....lastly the plastic house of the future--from 1960's disney land---we were all suppose to be living the good life in these by now and flying to work wearing our jetpacks---unfortunately the republican moral majority, trickle down economics, and destruction of unions kinda got in the way i guess....

here is something amazing and i definately want to look into.In fact my brain is already screaming 'I WANT IT---GET ME THIS--I WANT IT' The PIAGGIO HyS (Hybrid Scooter). Operating much like my prius via a gas/electric self-recharging system-- this rascal is styling and fuel efficent/green. Thank God for the italians and design---I love to pull up next to one of those 'old dude' harley dinos on this cyberdart--The piaggio Hys is the first scooter, let alone a hybrid scooter-- I can imagine Trinity riding through the desert of the matrix! Go here for more information, plus the website is simply coolio.
This weeks Prius mileage is 47.5 M.P.G. commuting through many, many hard core thunderstorms..not bad, considering the needs a good washing this weekend and i am planning on installing my digital compass and working the GPS more in the coming weeks...

Well i actually got a chance to spend some time listening to my self-created, self hypnosis tape. I also created a second tape and am finding both the process of creating these things and listening/working them into my life very satisfying.Now I am one of the people in the world that believes that you can change and evolve elements of both your lifestyle and personality by actually thinking about your own world and doing something positive in regards to how you relate to the universe around you so i am really enjoying this project....with this i publish

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