Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This has been a rather mentally unique week. Many break-throughs in previously locked in thought patterns. i've been alone and this aloneness has helped my thinking process greatly..I was able to think out many, many items, mentally&verbally apologize for indiscretions in my previous years and come to grips with several items in my existance.The biggest problem with me being alone is remembering to eat! At least ways i'm not alone in this--the standard stereotypical big old brain in the movies has the same problem...I managed to do some art, drawing that is..and recharge the internal person since i was totally made insane, by people last week..
Here is an interesting illustration/design on retrofiting multi-storied buildings to "green" status. There has been an explosion in the design of green buildings, and techniques-- but extremely limited construction as of yet. NYC has recently passed legisation requiring new structures within the city to have specific self-sufficent attributes...perhaps this will actually cause these types of designs to be built. I'm really interested in how this process/design style will work out. Buildings so far in design have taken, it will be excellent if they can support themselves.

I try to talk to people about peak oil.It is interesting to note that when I am waxing philosophical on this subject and the necessity for independence by solar power and water recovery I receive the biggest flash of acceptance/recognition from people, when I use this parallel.
“ Imagine if the power companies operated like the airlines?”
This one line provides a sudden flash of insight to the receiver. As in maybe you have power maybe you don’t…maybe today maybe tomorrow…. maybe never…the corporate philosophy of we have no responsibility to provide any consistent service to the customer at all-----
Is it not interesting that I can transmit a complex subject of critical infrastructure collapse by mentioning the word airline? I, on the other hand do not find this amazing in the least—the word airline now summons up visions of stupidity, lack of management, poor product, bad service and zero customer warranty.Think back 25 years and no one in their right mind would have imagined what a 3rd world dog the airline industry would become---the same outcome theory can be applied to the sector of power production and fuel…brought to you by the same republican cretains that brought you airline deregulation. In the same manner I enthrall (well maybe not that big but…interest) young employees with tales they simply cannot believe such as:
“At one time stewardess’s wore white gloves, fed you and were ordered to be nice to you”.
The young people at work surrounding me while I tell this tale react much like the tribe of children in Mad Maxx—beyond the Thunder dome---oohing and aahing over a past civilization too wondrous to comprehend---all that’s necessary is for them to worship me as ‘captain walker’-----so if you think peak oil and no power will never happen. Think of stewardess’s in while gloves, serving you dinner and smiling—yes actually smiling at you---and think of what so easily slipped away into a third world, bad bus system, without your noticing---fuel and power will go the same way.

It is rare for me to write on books that i have'nt purchased or read but i had to show "Top Secrect Tourism". A travel guide to top secrect government installations across the US. What a bizzarely cool concept. Kind of an X-files tour book in a manner of speaking. Now i personally have zero interest in traveling to these locations it does'nt stop me from admiring the concept. For people who like to travel and want to see the possible locations of alien body storage this is the book for you. Take lots of pictures eh?

there has been a huge series of dust storms on Mars. Our rovers are having trouble maintaining solar power sourcing through the dust clouds and power is necessary for them to keep warm in the martian climate to continue operations. What is absolutely cool tho is to be able to see a photo of a martian dust storm taken from the surface of the planet and transmitted to earth--amazing---unbelievable! To think I've lived to see this!! Individuals are worried about the rovers...they have worked for three years, when their mission design capacity was 90 days!! This current weather on mars may be their undoing....

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