Thursday, October 01, 2009

This week was good...that's two in a row so the previous 5 insane weeks must have been astrological and with the movement of the planets, weirdness is now behind me!
We are still picking tomatoes...planted red onions, garlic and snow peas this week... Sunday I will Gran Torino the backyard---front--back--front---back---front----back until winter arrives---Men have gone from being mighty hunters supplying the much needed Mastodon hank, to supplying only yard maintenance and DNA .....
Work is OK--it has calmed down with everything else in the past two weeks--but it is still work and I would so much rather be retired....JoJo and the dog boys are well and having a good time with life so there is not really much to bitch about....and for that I am very grateful.
Work on the process continues. I have the temporary, practice rifle sighted in..almost...I received the lace on, black nylon, cheek piece this week and mounted it canted to the left on the stock. During my last practice session I started a practice log book.....This Saturday I will complete sighting in the rifle. Once completely sighted in from a rest position I'll begin practicing from the required standing position, because of this I ordered a standing rifle rest, ISSF approved support hand glove and pellet box. All of these items are necessary equipment for shooting ISSF Men's 10 meter air rifle.
I have been considering the purchase of a heart beat monitor watch. My idea is to monitor and slow my heart beat while shooting with the ultimate goal being the release of the shot between heart beats...I'm going to think this through but I am seriously considering this idea as a practice aid.
Time to get serious pretty soon...............

Idiocracy---if you haven't you need to:

I do not believe you can get more alternative in Architecture than building campers in Shopping carts and on bicycle chassis. Kevin Cyr has built, well I guess you can call them alternative RV's...based on the average human bicycle and shopping cart. This is really no joke---this campers really work...Mr. Cyr has actually lived and traveled in his creations.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

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