Monday, October 08, 2007

NEWS---it's been, let's say, weird, for me the past both the physical world(s) and the world of personal philosophy. I've advised previously on the blog, how my wife and i have been working towards reduction of quantity in life and increasing the quality of life. What has happen however is that events have overtaken us to the point where we wound up selling our house! Yeah I know not the way to let things get outa hand dude... but we had started out slowly--selling cars, buying a hybrid vehicle..reducing down by selling or giving away material things we had collected over the years based on the concept of desiring less time to maintain "things" and more time for each other, our art and interests. The action plan originally was tied to retirement 5 years in the future..we did not want to wake up, retired, surrounded by "stuff" but too old and worn out to work on manifesting the world we wanted to inhabit. This was to be similar to one of those old Soviet 5 year plans working over a predetermined time frame & rate towards a future goal... a sudden profitable offer on the house and we both say "yes" at the same moment and without planning, winding up with nowhere to live in 6 weeks, in a "housing challenged location" so to say. Then the epiphany stikes: We have a 31 foot RV (we call "the mothership") which was originally on the to be sold list?? Why not live in the RV for awhile, test out living small, practice operating in a "sailboat like" living style, mentality and use the alternative to a house to discover where & how we want ourselves to be, as well as banking the cash we save from not existing in the standard, negative cash flow, style....that society wants one enslaved to. This concept suddenly became just 'right'...that feeling you get of being in the flow and on target. Like being 'the Natural' just swinging the bat.. fear just vanished. Replaced by a, this is going to be really cool-- zen like calm. I have to state that I absolute adore my wife and the thought of residing in an 8' by 31' container appeals to me where most dudes run screaming from the concept. We are lovers, and friends this makes the difference...although i know you are thinking right now "wait until you do it, stab wounds really hurt you know!" Honestly we don't have that kind of situation and I am filled with confidence..and anticipation, we really want to do this.

So we checked out a RV park nearby that is on my way to work, and to rent a site,long term (several months) costs about 1/8 of what the standard 'big' house monthly operational expenses are, just expenses mind you not the payment, which now can go into savings. Add to this the fact that there's zero work to do on the RV as a residence, and almost zero housekeeping compared to what we are used to. The RV park we are going to set up in is clean, well maintained, with lot's of rules--they will deliver dinner from the restaurant on site to your RV if you call in, they have a hot tub, heated pool, ( not my thing but...)a small store 100 yards away, cable, wireless internet, a fireplace like thingee outside, koi pond for yoga, security patrol and living there cuts 20 minutes off my commute in the morning based on all the facts---then, you can just call me Cousin Eddy...."this here's an RVeee Clark"...... and what's the down side again? The plan's next step is to work on the RV. It's been sitting for a year simply because work has gotten priority. So new tires, all systems checked and replaced if necessary, pressure washing, detail cleaning inside and out, maybe new awnings some new fittings inside...I've got to see what the local RV joint is capable of...but with the money we are going to save, upgrading the RV is not a next stop is amazon to find books on living small, sailboat living and so forth. Beaucoup excitement here and without a doubt many more blogs to come on small living---we are interested to see where this experiment takes us
more later............

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