Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day for doing odd small jobs around the motorhome. It's the first really cold day since we've adapted this lifestyle and it's very, very different living in a motorhome than a house in the winter..it's cold inside today--can't lie about that at all. The motorhome furnace is running all the time and it's snowing out there---feet are cold and i've got alot of clothing on...the hot exhaust from the laptop feels good therefore i want to be long winded on this entry and catch up on 'the usual suspect' categories i have a tendency to expound on here but have been lazy about covering lately...

Movie wise it has been an uninteresting chronograph period. Various movies and shows I've been watching all of the main characters show absolutely no style in their watches. Nothing cool to report on that front but... On the personal front however I've had some luck. In a previous posting I'd mentioned that timex had suddenly developed a new line of watches that were actually, well, interesting---especially an all black chronograph that caught my eye. Titled somewhat grandiose--"men's adventure chrono". Now baring the watch name--in reading about this watch i decided i needed one.....of course none of my regular web haunts carry this model... i purchased one at walmart,believe it or not, well below the retail price mentioned on the web (90.00) and the watch is excellent! To me this is astounding since for the most part timex specializes in watches for those people who could care less about watches--this watch is well made, heavy duty and actually pretty styling for what it cost! It's not the Omega speedmaster with black face and black leather band i covet but coolio none the less..

Mileage in the Prius since the move has stayed relatively stable at 47.6 MPG per week.Even with the recent temperature change over to winter which i was sure would affect my mileage. In my area this mpg has resulted in a cost of $13.00 a week in commuting costs for a daily 45 mile round trip. Oil recently came really close to breaking the $100.00 per bbl. mark this week and like everyone else I expect gasoline prices to climb astronomically in the very near future. My workplace is an incredibly conservative social structure--the sort of place where huge pick-up trucks are admired and coveted and covered with support our troops bumperstickers. I realize that i had been "fondly" identified by my loving co-workers as the "Al Gore--left wing Geek with the electric car" surely this is a sign of affection--- ya think?...now however the panic has begun amongst the masses. everyone i speak with at work is scrambling to reduce their gasoline expenditures and increase their mpg. The most interesting, less effective solution i've seen is old dudes commuting in the cold and rain, on their harleys, getting less miles per gallon on their "hog" than i am getting in my hybrid--very strange belief structure in play there. I am incredibly relieved that i made the switch to a hybrid vehicle prior to the upcoming rush on the toyota dealers. I think prices and demand for these vehicles is gonna get ugly soon. Since I've done everything personally possible with available hybrid vehicle technology right now i am going to purchase a segway human transporter for small short trips. Completely electrically powered i can if necessary recharge the segway off of solar cells..and be free from gasoline dependency for short trips at any rate. I'm pricing and researching right now and have settled on the X2 on/off road model and found a dealer in new mexico who offers a cargo trailer option which will allow for trips to the grocery store, shopping or utility usage. The range is supposedly 25 miles on a full charge which could conceivably cover my 22 mile work commute, on the state highway shoulder, if necessary. I am actually considering this in good weather if necessary---...as long as i recharge it at work. I can only imagine the hassle i'll get over this rascal--right up until--well you know..my goal is to have this item in hand by the first of the year.
I have had an unsatisfactory run of book purchases recently. There is no fault involved in this neither for the author nor yours truly the reader..two recent books i received rewired and radio freefall have not inspired me whatsoever....i have resorted to rereading through my william gibson collection pending the arrival of the books discussed below-----my brain may have switched over from fiction to non fiction without advising me...therefore i ordered two non-fiction books which i have held on my wish list for quite a period of time...the first is titled THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE X-FILES--although at first a seemingly worthless topic for the display and explanation of philosophical theory books such as this may actually be the most worthwhile---- I have read several books on the philosophy of the matrix movies and enjoyed them. This category of book using visual representations from movies and television series has reportedly had an tremendous success ratio in college philosophy classes. The visuals from these subject's formats, the examples of present day paradoxes assists greatly in understanding varying philosophies.I enjoyed the x-files and i am very interested to read how the authors relate x file episodes to the world of classical and modern philosophical movements. My second non fiction selection is JAPANESE CYBERCULTURES (i bet that's high on every ones reading list eh?) i know, i know ---a very specific, isolated book in my singular interest category--can't help myself eh? My ongoing deep and abiding interest in Japan-pop and their cyber-techno-future present knows no bounds--i am probably one of three people in the United States interested in this book---with no apologies---bought this completely blind, no reviews, critical or otherwise---it simply cried out to me! From the land of gold plated cell phones and talking toilets i expect amazement!

What exactly will we be seeking in a house this time around? i've been preparing a listing in my head of the necessary elements for our structure at this stage in our ongoing evolvement as humans....#1- small, 1200 square feet..#2-close to services,shopping, and those good 3rd places like bookstores and coffee shops...#3- a small lot, with more private area than public area--#4- purchased outright...no mortage--#5- having that undescribable feature of being able to conduct our lives and art within it's walls---(how's that for a zen like statement?)this will be a difficult process--which we are prepared for--that was the intent behind moving into the motorhome so that we could search unimpeded by time and the constraints of "having to" find a place to live....we are planning the start of the search after the holidays---
this about wraps up where i am right at the moment--preparing for a segway purchase--researching japanese cyberculture--adapting to the motorhome life--writing--gaming--and actually enjoying myself greatly...i hope you are as well---when you stop studying--evolving--enjoying you self terminate

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Hi Warren,

Thanks for recommending my book The Philosophy of The X-Files. Have you had a chance to read it? I would very much appreciate knowing what you think of the book.

Dean Kowalski