Saturday, November 24, 2007

there has been quite abit happening--we are buying a wonderful small house in the historic district of Roswell..which will allow for much art--science and hanging out..i have not posted for alittle while but i have been writing so listed below are a few of the things which have been on my mind over the past two weeks:
here's a conspiracy theory I've just read about:Aliens destroyed the space shuttle Columbia via death-power ray??. This one really requires no explanation first thought on this theory was ........why would an advanced alien civilization use a death ray on a vehicle that resembles a tropical fish in that literally anything can kill it?? I hate incompetent advanced aliens...
but...i do enjoy collecting these types of theories. I keep them locked away in the back of my mind to help define the pure variety of the human thought process... collecting these wide ranging conspiracy theories was something one could not really do until the onset of the web..these folks are probably residing next to me at the RV park with lots and lots of cats and several antenna's super-glued onto the roof of their airstream! After all who am i to speak badly of this theory when we are now purchasing a house only a few miles from the infamous Roswell UFO crash site....i am already building my personal tin foil cap to wear around outside in case "they" wish to make contact.

I am working my way through the book "Japanese cybercultures" and although the collection of papers/articles is somewhat hit and miss on the interesting meter, i am very happy to record in my notebooks new words and phrases for future usage both english and Japanese such as--electronic individualism--meru-tomo= email friend in Japanese---atomized individualism---individualized interiority---i occasionally write words that interest me such as these down in my notebooks--just to keep, to think about, to roll around on my tongue and to throw out into conversations to obtain a blank look from the other party--so although the book may not be a stunner, it definitely has value to me. But then again only to me...can't recommend it at all to normal humans................................................ I am taking advantage of our recent retreat to self-evaluate.To examine parts of my internal make up i do not elaborate on here..our current living conditions, this venue, this remote, self contained, smallness we are living in at the moment assists in this process. My goal is to think about issues in my existence for later action. To plot a new ten year personal plan. A new element in my personnel planning is that this may be the 'last' viable ten year plan. The one last redefinition of myself in this universe that i may have the energy/health to accomplish. I've already decided this personality rebuild will be selfish. It will be just for and about me. I have previously rebuilt myself many times over this life--those rebuilds/reconstructions, were however, based upon the critiques, input, desires & demands, of those surrounding me, living off me, existing through me, or supported by me. This time, the last time, is for none but me.

A book which i am enjoying that i can easily recommend beyond the confines of my personal reading bizarre world--a book i picked-up used at one of the local bookstores entitled "Too far from home" it is the story of the MIR, SKYLAB & International Space Stations. It is written extremely well written in the style of one of those informative/investigative rolling stone articles by Chris not only explains the history of the space station concept but the down and dirty as to what astronauts refused to speak to ground control after long periods of isolation--how the Russians are different from us in space...where the bodies of the columbia astronauts where found..especially appealing is the how these people lived within the small spaces they did for incredibly long periods of time. This information was actually why i took a leap of faith buying the book--i thought the information might help with my rv living at the moment---strange eh? But give that thought a minute to sink in and overall it makes sense. At any rate the book is excellent, well written and an easy read...I recommend.
OK-OK--i've found a completely new watch to fixate over--i've never seen one in the flesh but at this point who cares? It is reasonably priced,at $345.00--just take a look at this..there is a multi-dial movement in watch design going on but to this point the ones i have read about or viewed on the net have been to this point incredibly expensive--this model from timberland is the least expensive multi-faced watch i have seen. I especially like the silicone banded one with the flat black mechanical section--very well done. The drawback with this type of "one off" watch, so to say, is that the watch may suddenly disappear off the market when supplies are exhausted...often the mechanicals are off the shelf components but being primarily interested in the design of the timepiece is my focal point. I'm going to decide over the weekend if i should push the buy it now button or not?

Ok--looks like i may have covered all the bases for right now--let's see alien plots against the space program--check---bizarre book reviews of interest to only me----check---hard to follow rap about interior personality/mental rebuild---check---Otaku watch rap---check--yup that about does it...

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