Monday, November 12, 2007

A week of trials and tribulations, minor but stunning in some ways---it was brought home to me that when you reside in either a spacesuit or an RV how your personal sewage goes away is of utmost importance. We suffered the supposed curse of motorhomers the blocked black waste tank! Of course this blockage occurred as i was attempting to get ready for work..and yes mine does smell! After purchasing a wide array of RV anti-poop tools and chemicals we are somewhat back in the game of sh** rolling downhill...Couple this with attempting to learn how to actually get dressed in the mornings for a work environment, without the ability to stretch your arms out--amazing....try this to observe what i am dealing with. Step into the smallest closet you possibly have---shower, shave, change clothes,have your significant other need to walk from one end of the closet to the other on a random basis above all, do not forget to bring two dogs into the closet with you during the entire operation and come out dressed like a power player---eh--difficult to say the least. The owners of the KOA campground has a Segway Human transporter--- they are considering buying several and renting them to the guests! I am beside myself over this--I have been intrigued by Segways since i first read of them....I've seen them in operation only twice.Once operated by the Dallas airport Police --and here now in the RV park. The owner at the KOA facility here has been riding the sample around the park testing it...My wife and i have decided to actually break down and purchase a Segway---the research begins as to which model, where to purchase, blah,blah--but a true break through for us! An additional plus of having a segway on hand here would be the ability to zoom to the central restrooms should we suffer an attack of inoperable pooper again. I sort of pooper transit lifeboat......i hear you laughing way out here--go ahead---
I'm making a listing of things I want but do not have the elbow room for right now--a personal play on the amazon wish list thing--One item i have to get down the road is this rube goldberg marble contraption available from think geek. Marbles in motion everywhere with no real purpose other than to eventually raise a small flag. I really enjoy these types of devices but unless i stop using the sink there's currently no where for this item to go--so to the wish list for later.

It's been only 10 days encapsuled in this lifestyle but i have not been able to read as much as i have planned simply due to the fact that i have been sleeping like a rock and going to bed much earlier than in my previous life. I am currently reading "Rewired" a postcyberpunk anthology of various cyberpunk like short stories. With the demise of cyberpunk as a genre i am desolate and try anything that approaches my favorite sci-fi reading. So far there is nothing particularly exciting about this groupage of stories. William Gibson supplied an excellent short piece on japanese subway cardboard hootches for the homeless ( a particular interest of mine if you follow this blog at all, so of course i liked it ).... short stories are probably the best material for me at the present anyway... I recently received my amazon backup book order and am pretty well set for the next few weeks at the rate i am currently reading. One of the books I ordered is a novel called Radio Freefall with a somewhat interesting premise on music rights & downloading. Both of these books are available from if you are interested
There both advantages and disadvantages to this life at the moment---it's quiet and peaceful here even more so at night...tons of stars visible..--the neighbors change with some frequency so one does not have to worry about being smothered for life with people you do not enjoy cause they come and go with great frequency--and you get to watch for the latest in new motorhome equipment all the time...the dress code is relaxed to say the least--one does feel alittle insecure since it's not really a structure--the weather plays a much more important part in your life and definately affects what,when, and how you do things--and the temperature changes in the desert strike at random--mostly one is too hot or too cold---one or two plants make up your garden and one takes better care of them treating them more like a pet--(like Leon treated his plant in the movie the Professional..) The times of greatest enjoyment are snugged up in bed at night in the desert with a book---
well more later on the Human transporter search and purchase

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