Monday, August 11, 2008

One of the best of the under appreciated top five films on my list is the movie I.Q.
....... What could possibly be better in a film ---Einstein--Godel--auto mechanics-- 50's clothes, cars, Meg Ryan---love and Princeton NJ photographed beautifully representing the early 50's. Einstein passed away in 1955---i was 3 years old...but Princeton NJ is one of my favorite places---compared to where i grew up it was the coolest, cleanest place in the world---the home of the institute of advanced study to this day makes you feel as if you could bump into Einstein on a street corner. My personal link to Einstein (you know that 6 degree of separation thing) is very weird. My father worked construction in a town called Princeton Junction New Jersey--on the far side of the town of Princeton proper. He worked out of there for years...and i can remember him saying that when he would drive through town commuting to work in the mornings--- around 1950---and Albert Einstein would be walking from his house to the institute of advanced study. In true New Jersey style my father would berate, curse and put the evil eye on Einstein because local drivers, in route to work would all stop asking Dr. Einstein if he needed a ride for the chance that they could say that they gave Einstein a lift---he would refuse everyone---he loved walking---this of course backed up traffic---and brilliant scientist---Einstein or not this was a major New Jersey social crime to my father who therefore ranked Einstein at the "dumbass" level for the rest of his any rate.... the movie is simply need to see this. I prefer thinking of Einstein through this's not accurate in many ways--for example Godel is played by a fat guy, lou jacobi-- (godel starved himself to death actually) but this is the way i want to think of Einstein.....right or wrong.

I love the fact that the world is so truly strangely wonderful---Brian May, guitarist of Queen--one of my all time favorite bands ...just received his doctorate, not an honorary degree mind you but a real true earned by hard, hard work doctorate in astrophysics.
Dr. May stopped working on his advanced degrees when his musical career took off and delayed his work during years of recording, touring, and being a world class guitar hero.... The original founder of what eventually became Queen he advertised for bandmates while an undergraduate. Dr.May returned to his studies when Queen was destroyed by the death of Freddie Mecury. Congratulations Dr. May---you earned it the hard way-you own the sky.

Back from a week of business travel---the meeting i attended could have been a script written by the guys who wrote--- The Ballad of Ricky Bobby---but not funny---just stupid---you've read my previous raps on how i despise air travel and the stupidity of the standard business trip so consider it sense repeating myself on how i loath business/air travel. As with all things however there are little ironies....
business travel gives one time to read...and during this recent trip i just burned through an excellent SF novel--- "When Gravity Fails" by George Alec Effinger. Set 120 years from now in a children of men style future--the novel is centered in the red light district of an arab nation, a cyberpunk style detective story...very very cool premise...and a smooth engaging read. There are three books in this series and on my arrival home i immediately ordered the other two. Unfortunately Mr.Effinger died young and finished only 3 books in this series...they are excellent. I definately recommend these to enjoy and rest your brain.

The Kitchen remodel is ongoing and the hobbit hole remains in an uproar---i'm doing the best i can to zen through it---whle i work on finding out where to register to vote (gotta do this, I have not voted in years but i damn sure am gonna this time)---- working on my art bookmarks----i brought back some of those little-long holiday inn notepads to turn into art bookmarks---hey it may work it may not---catching up on my sleep--and most of my other projects are on hold till the remod is done which is a bugger. Be well--write--do art--question everything---vote for obama---save gasoline (it is going back up don't trust em') compute---read---and be nice.

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