Friday, August 22, 2008

This weekend I've been listening to Randy Newman pretty much nonstop---his best of CD---cause there are days when you just feel like Randy Newman's music in the background.... his style and his one of a kind voice just fits the day you're in---what a great lyric writer, although some folks are just too thick to get his stuff----but as he wrote in the song sail away:
"In America ya just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day it's great to be an American".
I'm instituting a new blog sub-section listing individuals who i believe rightly should burn in hell,I have a small problem tho. Since i can't advise that i really believe in hell, in the biblical sense that is....perhaps i can modify my position to suggest that the individuals i remark on within this category should be stranded in some type of hell like a young republican headquarters matrix simulation for all eternity....Mark David Chapman was in the news this week....up for parole...which he was denied. (thank you thank you thank you parole board for the denial) He killed John Lennon. May you burn in hell. You little shit.

I practiced gliding today on my segway---I've been outta town and today was my first day riding in more than two weeks--so i am out there in public practicing again. Version 2.0 of the personal segway training program required me to ride around the off i the training turtle mode which was totally fine by me---i'm a turtle kinda guy. The first thing I noticed is that our public sidewalks SUCK. No wonder no one actually walks anywhere... I did great if i say so myself.---no one screamed GEEK at me or threw anything out of their SUV---but from what i understand it is somewhat to be expected from our current American society.....if it happens I'll live.... everyone who has spoken to me while I've been practicing out in front of the house has been supportive of the concept and thinks the HT is very cool....i am planning on remaining in the turtle training speed,it may just stay there...5mph for right now is plenty. Either that or i am truly such a strange old dude---
Sometimes i remember weird things from my past and focus on them..... I traveled an incredible amount overseas for about 10 years. Occasionally in conversation something about monkeys will come up at work or someone will send around one of those really suck things around on the computer featuring supposed cute monkeys----monkeys....and then i remember i hated dangerous monkeys were....what little bastards they are----how they throw shit at you...god I hate monkeys! When i attempt to tell my fellow Americans the truth about how disgusting and hateful monkeys truly are-------they stare at me, and make tut-tut-tut noises like i just ordered dolphin for dinner. Americans believe that all monkeys are like the ones they've seen on TV---cute little things that love hanging out with humans---blahblahblah---the average unassuming American loves monkeys---only because they've never really been around a shitty monkey----Personal vindication appears however in the form of a blog entry on how westerners can pre-identify a possible monkey attack when they are traveling where monkeys live.....and basically this guy hates monkeys at my level....take a quick read...the attack process is much like humans actually...monkeys suck!

The Chinese as a culture can be well---not such good guys...we all know this--look at the entire walmart culture that exists because of their slave like labor process....the Chinese are literally killing their environment and ours in their process of industrialization and last be not least lets talk about---Tibet---yes I'm one of those free Tibet people. I enjoy the concept of having a Dali Lama living high up in the mountains in Tibet just because he's just a pretty cool human and he covers a very important base for the human species if we really are an advanced species we should have a guy like the Chinese definitely deserve hammering on many specific issues...I have recently reevaluated my overall standard position on China and their an item by item posture rather than a broad overall concept since a culture and or government that sentences Airline executives to death cannot be truly be all that bad......can they?

Just a few items on my way out:
I had the new record MPG commuting last week--36 miles at 56.9 miles per gallon in the Prius i can just about see and touch 60 miles per gallon--i hope this recent drop in gas prices fools no one...try to be smart and sell that suv now. Later today i off to buy my first real blank canvas---to try and do art for our living room--alittle scared about it but hey it's just art the idea is to be free right? Tell somebody you work with how you appreciate them....give money to the homeless works better than capitalistic charities...listen to a variety of music you've never listened to your thoughts down in a attention to the power of attraction in the universe---vote democratic.

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