Friday, September 19, 2008

Destructive hurricanes appear to moderate my weather in southern new mexico.... all those i work with discuss the wonderful weather we are enjoying. The result of the flapping of a butterfly's wing across the globe i suppose.........My father believed that the launching of rockets through the earth's atmosphere created our bad is as good a theory as any i suppose. I think too much and i had better be careful since below link is to a study supposedly displaying the commonality of thinking=fat---there are quite a few obvious problems with this theory---apparently these Brit scientists have never been in a WALMART on a Saturday in their lives...lots of fat and stupid going on there!
When you watch the original Jurassic Park film who do you identify with? The very cool great white hunter character Robert Muldoon played by Bob Peck? I personally identify with jeff goldblum's character Ian Malcom the very strange, chaos mathematician ( ya think??). Now you can find out how you could do if you were attacked while on a tour at Jurassic Park by taking the test called "How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a Velociraptor?"
I got a 1.6 score just for reference....
Well it's true Canadians are among the happiest people in the world! One of my own previously private theory and why not?---health care--no weird wars for unknown reasoning---religious tolerance---better schools---a population more understanding of the variety of the human species---the whole hockey thing i could do without--and I'd rather live without mukluks on 8 months of the year--- but still--no wonder they as a culture hate less and are more happy than we are! Hail Canada our neighbor to the north EH?

---i know there was millions of important economic issues this week...the crash and burn of the American economy is underway----the republican party rape of the American wallet is coming home to roost....but what can regular folks do? All we can do is read about it---there's absolutely nothing we can do to protect our money--our personal interests--- I simply try not to pay attention... of course no one in the Bush Administration is getting fired or going to jail over this horrific situation---Baby Bush never fires anyone for anything just like after
9-11---cause to him the government is nothing but a playground for his family and his white devil republican golf buddies....for all they care the rest of us little people can live under an overpass and eat cat food when we retire cause they got theirs out of our pockets---the Republicans would sell our organs prior to death if they could because to them we are them we no value other than holding onto the vote of the stupid and to cut their lawns. I can understand the masses being fooled by Baby Bush even twice...maybe....but who in their right minds would vote for these assholes this time around?

That's it for this blog----sit and watch some good movies----- focus on the ones you know the lines to by heart----take your shoes off and feel the grass on your feet before winter gets here---tell somebody they did a good job----drive a small car with high gas mileage just to screw the Bush family---google Abraham Hicks-----if you smoke cigarettes don't let them push you around....

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