Thursday, September 11, 2008

The kitchen rehab is just about completed and it has just dominated our lives for seemingly so long now...
We actually have a semi-functioning kitchen, although there is still detail work to complete---the funny part is that now---everything seems worth the trouble--but during the process there were multiple times i just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and halt everything---it's not that i am weak, or stupidly emotional---it's just that interior demolition and reconstruction can turn the sanest human into Hannibal Lector--and this was really tough---unfortunately the same process is required by the bungalow's main bathroom---but we are going to give ourselves a couple of months of peace and quiet before tacking that item-----
I'm working on controlling my excitement over the Hydron collider. My problem is that not many around me understand my excitement---i get stared at alot when i attempt to discuss it...but we survived the start up proceedures and initial testing of the CERN Hadron Super Collider---and aha! next comes testing proof of the multiple universe theory----can't wait for that one---it will be like drinking coffee with God....such exciting times...but will we learn anything culturally from what we discover. The only cultural result will probably be---t-shirts that say---- "i opened a doorway to another universe and all i got was this lousy t-shirt."
i am studying conversational French on & off with a second hand set of 'repeat after me' cassette audio tapes ---- cassettes seem to be simply better suited for rewinding to find where you screwed curse words however and i need to learn how to curse in french. I'm not exactly racing along with this learn french process---but there are times where an ongoing project one has requires no actual advancement or's just the beauty of the thing.

---individuals are restoring, yes restoring old GEO Metro's...,0,342889.story?page=1 The Geo Metro sold by GM in the later 1980's was actually a Suzuki compact car with a GM nameplate slapped onto it--they became the object of popular ridicule at the time---and dumped on for years---the three cylinder car would however in the specific xfi model get 51mpg on the highway and people are now restoring old metros for alittle cash and using them to commute--- lowering their monthly gasoline expenditures---more power to ya---but having to reach back 20 years for appropriate economical technology really sucks and displays what we as a culture have fallen to..
17% of doctors make fun of their patients while they are knocked out undergoing surgery, according to a recent survey.... I knew it, I knew it!---all this crap about the nobility of the medical profession---blahblahbalh---more scientific backup for my hatred of doctors beyond my usual rain man reasoning---17% ------like who would make up that figure? It's gotta be true
Are you ever concerned/worried that your dog may be unhappy while you're at work---that they may pine away for you? Staring longingly at the front door awaiting your return? My old man used to say that all dogs were "sooners" sooner sleep than eat--and now there is scientific proof based on this home made flickr video--this is pretty neat---especially with the clock on the back of the sofa--take a look:

One of Einstein's wristwatches is going up for auction----this is of course complete with the usual sidebars of 'does it tell time and space?'or if Einstein's wristwatch was traveling on a northbound train at 80 mph and the engine smoke was blowing south bound at 20 mph??????
But the auction is real as is supposedly the watch--which was presented to Einstein as a gift at some type of meeting or symposium....the link to the website is translated from danish so in English it is a little tough but you can get the idea---i just wonder what the value of a watch like this is really worth? What would it feel like to wear Einstein's wristwatch?

This is really something, very cool and if it happens i would leap right up and vote for him. Apparently there is a rumor that Val Kilmer may run for the Governor of my adopted state---New Mexico....I like Mr.Kilmer. He's a long time NM resident---and appears to be unique....Richardson has been a great governor and I am a big supporter of him but if Richardson gets a cabinet post with Obama---Kilmer's getting my vote....don't even think about the actor thing after Regan and the Governator....don't even think about it.

I'm currently reading two excellent books. Fiction and nonfiction.
Neal Stephenson's new book "Anathem". Stephenson is one of my all time favorites, author of "Snow Crash" my all time favorite novel. So I am somewhat judgemental in favor of this book from the get go, and pre-ordered it.
As it turns out----What's not to like-----a strange culture, written in a strange language ----- huge monasteries built around giant, million year mechanical clocks which must be wound and maintained by the monks---960 pages allow one to become deeply involved in what is going on.....only a little in and i am already in love with this book and story.
The current bathroom--thinking book--is "The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives" by Leonard Mlodinow is a mathematical study of randomness, chance, pattern recognition, and how we humans fail to truly understand any element of random....especially in making personal or professional decisions. Most excellently written for the layman---another read in progress i am enjoying......

for now anyway----the world right now is simply great! I'm truly enjoying life around me and feel as if things are in the flow-------be different----just don't read---read alot---stay away from negative energy----do small things well----surprise people by nicely stating unpopular opinions....wear clean underwear.....

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