Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Controlling my own life, time and pace of action apparently results in blogs of a smaller size but more numerous...I will be back to the normal pace upon return to work on the 30th...for good or bad is for you to decide...

Today is an interesting day, a no going back day...not to over-exaggerate... Morpheus is offering me either the red or the blue pill. This afternoon I go in for my right hand/wrist tribal tattoo. This work today, will, change everything, for today's work will always be visible....never hidden. The work on my left forearm begins behind the wrist, long sleeves can cover the tribal there.
Until today, I could if i wished, disappear into the surrounding crowd of salarymen.
I designed the work on my right side to start at the palm side of the hand working over the wrist to the forearm.
It can never be hidden....therefore, the true, I, can no longer can be hidden after today.
No more a battery......

My eight dollar pedometer arrived and it is actually a remarkable little instrument--I remembered my stride length from long ago adventures--but in programing the Pedometer i double checked it and I'm glad I did--growing older has reduced my individual stride average--I supposed that's reasonable since many things are shrinking and reducing with age-------
but really now? ----
The wire frame commercial can (soup can size) wire racks, I ordered, are also in and the assembly, placement and stocking of these two racks with the 144 cans they hold, combined, will be an excellent job for me tomorrow while I am recovering from tattooing today. I am pleased to have finally obtained these racks and to stop the consistent can shifting, due to use and then resupply, of these daily used cans in the food storage area

I also received my Rothco Ranger Hoodie Jacket and it is magnificent--absolutely magnificent!
Bravo to a company that still knows how to build and produce value at a reasonable cost... A really well thought out design---everything from the pockets to the wrist closures are perfect...did i mention pockets? ---- There are a ton of pockets including interior soft pockets for sunglasses/goggles that are so important here in Southern New Mexico, pockets for everything so many that this jacket is almost a day pack within itself..the collar of the jacket (which contains a hood) was not designed for the, now extreme length, pony tailed person like myself --- but I'll gladly work through this one small personal problem to put this jacket to use. The Coyote Brown color appeals to me and I am actually happy that I violated my black only jacket protocol to go with this color--it may sound stupid but I find myself suddenly happy that the windy and cold season in now on us to put this jacket to good use....I am very, very happy with this purchase.

My Ranger Hoodie has Velcro squares on both upper arms for the attachment of unit designator patches...and since I have been a free agent for a long, long time I had to buy a patch for one sleeve displayed below:

I know, you know, where this came from?

"In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?"
Saint Augustine

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David Scott said...

if you are going to do a tattoo then let all men see who you are. F@#$ them if they cant take a joke. Good luck with the tats.