Thursday, January 26, 2012

Penance, and the film IRON SKY are featured but our little world has had much completed.
I'm on my last few days of leave and working on the few remaining projects.
I am pleased with what i have accomplished.
This time has been so productive both individually and for the homestead.
There is a nearby gun show this coming Saturday and prowling the tables is my
reward for completing a large tasking list and preparing for the spring.
Monday it's back to work and that reality.
These days tho have been excellent.

The right hand and wrist was done yesterday--4 hours. These are actual photo's on my return. The work is bleeding still---it may be the application to a different arm, the position on the arm or design causing the bleeding---this one may take time to heal and i am glad i still have 4 days before returning to work---No matter the discomfort, the pain and bleeding is an integral part of this process to me--- My artist mentioned in just in passing the other day that "You sit well" implying that while undergoing the process I managed to control my physical responses to the technique. This was tremendously important to me since the control of the pain response, the recovery pain, bleeding and the permanence are elements I consider my penance.

"Traditionally, penance has been viewed as a punishment (the Latin poena, the root of penitence, means punishment, and varying with the character and heinousness of the offences committed. In the feudal era doing penance often involved severe, often public discipline, which could be both harsh and humiliating but was considered edifying. In some religions acts of hardship committed on oneself, fasting, etc. especially as part of an ascetic way of life, as monk or wise man are considered penance in order to attain a higher form of mental awareness."

My tendency to find and follow obscure independent Science Fiction films has it ups and downs--the ups represented by OUTLANDER--excellent--the downs represented by HUNTER PREY--sucked---but:
Is an independent SF film which I have been following the production of for some time, but I have not written of it here on Tesla's Laptop until I was sure that it would be completed. Iron Sky is due to be released to theaters in Europe sometime within the next month. An American release to theaters is unknown at this time and this film may require me to track down a DVD and purchase blind. Iron Sky however is way too cool of a premise to my little brain, not to be excited about or to buy outright based on pure hope.

IRON SKY's plot premise is that during WW2 the Nazi's built a secret facility in Antarctica which they used to intensely develop technology. When Germany fell--they subsequently used this technology and base as a staging point to occupy the moon, rebuild their society and war machine and then attack the earth in 2018.
Now is this a plot line or what ? ...apparently all the UFO sightings, crop circles and alien abductions since WW2 have been Nazi reconnaissance missions from moon bases in preparation for their resumption of WW2 with a new attack.
The visuals and textures offered as examples of the film on the net are purely outstanding--extremely dieselpunk in styling and the Nazi moon bases appear as if they were designed by Albert Speer...I must find this film on DVD when I can---even if it turns out to suck, I have to have it in my SF film library. I'll advise.

"Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to
plant a garden."
Orson Scott Card

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David Scott said...

Pain is part of our memories both reminding of both good and bad times. Pain is part of life teachings. It teaches you not to let lefe see you sweat. Nice Tribal.