Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I can't stand us any longer...the You's & me's---us---- all of us in this collective anthill we call a society....Take Mitt Romney, as an example of why I hate us----a Republican created Product, who wants to be President of the United States---a multi-millionaire, he has Caribbean bank accounts for Christ sakes and pays only 15% in taxes---because according to him "It's legal". This is an example of the type of ass wipe our society will accept as potential leadership??..The reason I can't stand us is that the people of WalMart contingent will still actually vote for him??? This is how stupid we are. He may, however, be the perfect figurehead for a country which depends on credit card spending by it's population for 60 some odd percent of the gross national product...Perfect just Perfect......

This week---I've been cleaning and organizing our food storage shed...We are so very close to a year's supply of stored food---- combining, dehydrated #10 cans and pouches, MRE's, 5 Gallon buckets of grains, and commercial canned goods. Having this large of a supply requires organization, rotation, and protection from heat-cold-and rodents. So I am pretty much always doing something in there when i am off....

Due to the amount of commercial canned goods we now have and the fact that we are using and rotating these goods constantly--we ordered (x2)- stainless steel shelf racks each of which hold 90 soup size cans. We can simply refill these racks from nearby shrink wrap flats of cans as necessary for standard consumption. Once these racks arrive next week I will re-organize the commercial canned goods shelves for this system...but after two days of work in the storage area already things are looking good.

My wife, JoJo, is the queen of horseshit right now..we unloaded a trailer full of horse shit into the compost area to work for the spring planting and she is so happy---no diamonds for this girl, it's all about manure with my darling....I disassembled our five level worm farm (the worms have been surviving the winter nicely) and filled a small wheelbarrow full of excellent black, black dirt that we'll be using that for seedlings....I rebuilt the worm farm, fed, water and set those little devils back to work. Come spring I may need to get a back of replacement worms just to get things really active in there and we release worms to the garden every year anyway.

The reason all this is viable work towards our spring time, is, that today in my part of New Mexico it's a beautiful 75 degree's today----this for us is the time of year we get work done before the heat comes in during the spring....climate change you know.....

I am rebuilding my work life for my return from leave.
I want to take control of my day to day existence there.

Getting away during a break and cooking a cup of tea from my rucksack will be excellent
but i am planning on adding an additional layer of effort on my return to work from this period of leave. I work at a very large facility, and I am planning on walking/hiking/marching the perimeter several times a week..... Me being me...... i needed therefore to resupply beyond tea making equipment---I will make no excuses for this resupply process---it is essential for me.
To record my distance and hopefully my improvement week by week I ordered a pedometer--now incredibly cheap from China of course...
I remember when Pedometers were expensive scientific instruments used by 19th century explorers to create maps and record distance in their journals---

I also ordered, on close-out, a civilian style day pack from Marmot... for my mental state walking for exercise is just not enough....
I want to be able to cover ground again with a loaded rucksack the way I used to my walking will include a loaded pack. My plan is to march the facility perimeter and then find a quiet spot to refresh with a cup of tea....I hope i can make this happen...I am actually looking forward to going back to work to try this entire process.

"A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life
when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well
he will never sit."

D. Elton Trueblood

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David Scott said...

I could not agree more with you. Politics is pure bull shit taken to the ninth degree and we are supposed to just accept it like it is Cotten candy.