Saturday, January 07, 2012

I am on leave from work for the next two weeks.
looking forward to owning myself, working on the homestead, reading, writing, and organizing.
Working on myself as well.

Sears, Wonder Bread (maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs) and Kodak are all going bankrupt--they are at one stage of the process or the other...WTF kind of nation are we--when we are not even making fucking Ding Dongs anymore??---yet the spin tries to tell us that the economy is getting better? Hard to grow Ding Dongs in the garden---and there goes my retirement goal of smoking weed and eating Ding Dongs on the front porch all day long.......where will we all wind up?

I sit and try to make sense of things but in reality---what's the use? Our society is flailing about like a fish on the bank hoping someone will take kindness on us and kick us back in the water.....but that's not going to happen....... Our public policy arena is the theater of the absurd-----we are owned by corporations who are in the final stages of looting the corpse prior to moving elsewhere...the corporations will eventually find that the only thing left to profit from with Americans is to farm out organs, selling them to the 1%....Matrix batteries....for celebrities.

My Swiss army surplus flask canteen and cup are in and they are PERFECT--for my upcoming tea brewing at work concept...the canteen is even enameled on the inside. The Swiss military, you have to love them for their OCD tendencies. I am just going to disinfect with bleach and when i return to work start my tea time at work project.

The two books I reported ordering in the last post are being read--neither of them a huge winner--disappointed very much in the PICT------ nothing there for me, a mistake.

The garden is under physical construction right now---we are boxing in all of the beds this year--with larger walls and dividers to protect against both the wind and the increasing probability of drought again this coming year...with climate change you have to do all you can to minimize damage and maximize outcome......

...over these two weeks I am also going to have the last tattoo of this winter applied to my right wrist and hand as a start on my right arm sleeve....

I have to repeat for any new readers,(although I doubt there are any) my Otaku use of Military Surplus Clothing... there is no better clothing in the world for matching my personal weirdness, my demand for practical clothing...and of course price...My latest new stuff for Mil Surplus clothing are displayed above and below. The photo above shows an item I have long been searching for. The Soviet Union was the leader in the development of computer designed camouflage with the first designs emanating from their military. The above NEW, never issued Russian camouflage shirt in forest green with yellow cube pattern, displays both this computer block camouflage design and the all the elements i require most in a shirt---lots and lots of pockets and reinforcements to stress points....

The second item in my recent search and obtain process is the above illustrated, Italian Army V neck sweater in Olive Drab. Military sweaters are just excellent, tough, easy to maintain, warm and outstanding for use here in New Mexico---this state that requires layering ..cold in the mornings and warm by noon. Even tho we are working under austerity planning, the problem with Military Surplus is that when it is available, especially in your size, you must buy it...otherwise you will never see it again. I had to pull the trigger on buying these items...otherwise they would be gone forever....These are two excellent items that i look forward to wearing and using for a long, long time.....

"Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming
better than you are."
Julius Charles Hare

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