Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My personal reorganization is advancing in small steps. I am attempting to "chunk" down the tasks I must accomplish into smaller steps---then work each step to a successful conclusion.This process seems to be working for me. I usually become overwhelmed by process---constantly focusing on the end result rather than the accomplishment means this new focus pattern has merit.
In fact the recognition of patterns,
the ability to innately see recurrence is the major gift of the human brain. The reason that it takes a computer like IBM’s big blue to defeat a human chess champion is the human’s internal, innate ability to see recurring patterns, determine the pattern's advantages or disadvantages without requiring the subesquent massive equation computing on alternative outcomes that a computer MUST do to play.
In othe
r words each option that the computer must calculate, we simply know the outcome as a result of pattern recognition software wired within our brains. At the moment this human superiority over computer systems exists, but this superiority is being reduced by ongoing technological advances.
The element which will allow computers to match human pattern recognition is in the new development of learning process pathways for computers. Creating computers which learn as a human child
learns through self teaching…and memorization. Currently there is a researcher filming his newborn child 24hrs a day. The purpose is to expose/download/input this birth to one year record of learning into a computer system utilized in robotics.
Modeling how this child learns to understand the pattern of facial expression for example—and transferring this process to a viable teaching program to a computer would be a major leap forward in computer sle-programming and human interaction with other intelligence. Computers and robotic systems that have learned the patterns of human facial expression, and vocal inflection would obviously allow for a much more complete interaction and exchange of information. to end this on a unique note go here
http://theprogrammingblog.com/jokes/things-computers-can-do-in-movies/ for an excellent list of things that computers, hackers and programmers can only do in the movies...it's very good..

Random things:

A photo of a car of the future from the past which god knows how long later---- i---- at any rate, view as still an excellent styling concept.I cannot believe that no one actually built this car--now is this thing cool or what? I expect howard hughes to step out prepared to take Katherine Hepburn for an airplane ride.....the things we miss out on! a Fedora and an ivory gripped semi-automatic pistol are the required accessory items for this rascal.....this is the great-grandfather of bling....

i am a totally dedicated Pink Floyd fan/ cd collector-- but even i--who own the complete collection of PF concert dvd's draw the line at combining polka and pink floyd::::but not these guys in PINK POLKA--a pink floyd tribute band specializing in polka arrangements of your favorite floyd tune..http://laughingsquid.com/pink-polka-a-pink-floyd-polka-band/

astronomy domine is a lead off tune in their set done as a polka??? Apparently the combination of massive synthesizers polka beats, accordian solos, and Pink Floyd is something which must be seen to believe. You know, I miss so much culture living in the desert---

something rather unusual here--a watch constructed from metal recovered from the titanic,( on the left ) yes you know the sunken ship the TITANIC? i thought that the titanic was supposed to have been honored by sort of not stealing stuff from it but apparently honoring does not include stealing the odd random bit of metal--this watche is not quite to my taste and not a chronograph which i pretty much demand in a watch anymore but...an interesting use of the theft of historic material none the least... on the right is a watch for the "i'm not really sure WTF this is" catagory and it looks like just the style of wristband to get hung up in any kind of machinery...but kinda cool in a tokyo pimp kinda fashion statement i suppose....you should stop by watchismo times for an explanation of these excellent unique watches http://watchismo.blogspot.com/index.html

this is an interesting art site you might enjoy viewing on an odd occasion dealing with envelope art of all things? http://www.mailmeart.com/
the individual running the site has people from all over the world mail him letters with the requirement that the mailer provide the mailee with a handmade artistic styled outer envelope....i just think that this is a truly unique method of passing art on from one individual to another and is one of those "why did'nt I think of creating my envelopes like that myself?" circumstances, people all over the world are just really so talented in so many ways, you know?

i really,really want one of these mechanic shirts with the geek name patch over the pocket----this i consider to be "shirt art" which i found on thinkgeek.com http://www.thinkgeek.com/ thinkgeek carries alot of very coolio useless stuff ------these shirts are too good to be true..

ok, so the republicans advise they "LOST" the offical emails on the politically motivated firings of their own federal prosecutors.....you know, this is funny to those of us old enough to remember the rosemary woods, "i accidentally erased 15 minutes of Nixon being a criminal audio tape" excuse ---- geezers like me, remember this exact same ploy---but it's the republicans who should remember something very important---like the eventual outcome for this excuse when it was used the last time---guilty,guilty,guilty,guilty----i can't wait until hillary, bitch slaps, your no-stem cell research, rotary club, asses outa town....

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