Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Vehicle Technology..
I have been organizing and setting up our new 2007 toyota prius we recently purchased. This is the first time i have had to set up the user interface of a CAR to insure that the car and i have the best possible human/machine interface---- the Prius may be one of the first cars truly intended for the computer literate society...this vehicle requires----setting up your phone for bluetooth wireless tech and then mating your phone to the car---downloading your personal phonebook into the car system--introducing yourself to the voice recognition system software---learing the central computer mileage information screens and setting up the central display colors which are most visible to you---presetting the sound system...teaching the built in garage doors openers to work your garage doors---setting up and studying the operation and how-to of the GPS this point i am unsure if the i am instructing the car....if it is instructing me...i believe this will be a more of a learn as you drive over time process for me anyway. i am stuck on several points simply because of a lack of adequate time to putz around with it---but soon, soon....

I've of course directed this prius programing process towards finding electronic geek car books. And of course they write them! Geek my Ride by Auri Rahimzadeh--(the title's worth the price of the used book alone) i just received it and started combing through. I did'nt order it to add anything to the prius necessarily--just to read about the subculture and what is possible via hacking the systems surrounding the car...I'm just a few pages in and it's an easy read..but as is often the case with experts on anything--one human's easy project is another human's train advise this book is not for the techno weak of heart! So if Geek my Ride is hardware end of the new gas saving,hybrid driving me---The Long Emergency a book by James Kunstler must the the software end of my techno-green process. Subtitled: surviving the end of oil, climate change, and other converging catastrophies of the 21st century, this rascal just about covers everything bad-ass that's possible, it sounds like all catastrophy all the time radio or something. It just arrived today so i am presuming this book is like the catholic church---"all death all martyrdom with a side order of dismemberment--all the time" kinda thing---this should be pretty different reading no matter what.Looking forward to it and I'll advise--- I did manage to hack and claw through my book on the scientific study of japanese cell phone email use...too bad i don't go to swanky, intellectual type parties---i could really throw reading that rascal out to the populace and listen to the surrounding conversation come to a screeching halt! Nothing much further to add on this book except the warning that unless you are my long lost identical twin i would'nt recommend this for light reading. A book I am on the search for is--- Homo Britannicus by chris stringer--- I just can't seem to find it on amazon, or anywhere else--and since it just came out i imagine the used market might be slim just yet--good news for people like me however is that nothing makes it to the discount bin faster that a book on prehistoric humans in great britain ( the book's section on british dentistry probably advises simply "no changes")--- This rascal may not fly off the bookstore shelves like a new diet book-----so this dude abides and searches. You have to begin your search for purchasing new books immediately on receiving the last order to prevent panic book purchase! I cannot abide not having something to read---

fishing for chronographs on the web has not been very exciting lately so a few photo's from the internet watch photo file collection to massage the otaku watch spirit. a large face square chrono, these are not really my thing the square faces--i prefer the music of the sphere's. a round watch is it for me as a basic item---but for an interesting watch shop link from tokyo go here-- don'tcha just love the swiss--this kitchen clock with timer is just beyond any description, it is to wonderous to even be considered retro--should be hanging in a railway yard cafeteria/kitchen keeping as always perfect time for the guys eating their lunchs in a perfect swiss manner!

I saw this photo on the internet and i just had to post it--it's like i've said before--- an AK-47--- it's the must have fashion accessory for a whole lot of the world. Once the prius gets "normal" in other words the new wears off--here's a bumper stick which is a must have for my my vehicle, since driver wise ass quantum physics requires bumper stickers on both rear bumper end points ( so you can be a wave and a particle at the same time) here's bumper stick number two--these are at

uh ok here's the last word--- bush's political appointee to an international committee on fighting prostitution world wide has been named in the recently arrested DC madam escort service records as an excellent customer. ya know if they all were'nt so mean and self righteous it'd actually be funny-----with this i publish....

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