Sunday, April 08, 2007

a problem i am having at the moment is creating a systematic approach to the computers in my life. I attempted to build a wireless system at the house yesterday with little success. I've had trouble understanding how to enable the wireless software, apparently the system must first communicate by hard wireline somewhere and do something for installation to take effect..this does not compute for me. I cannot understand how you can walk into a coffee shop and simply go wireless but for your home system you must jump through hoops with the router and server and the company that produces each item. Amazing. I dislike it when simple things are made complex for a purpose i cannot understand. i'm sure it has to do with keeping track of us--- of how everyone wants to know how you are using your system and where you are going on the web to sell to someone corporate-blahblahblah--much the same as how eblogger ( my host ) just changed everything around and suddenly my email address appears on my google homepage....the internet is freedom without freedom....i will attempt this again later today---i'm not hopeful however.

there is a unique experiment going on in Holland i believe, where a group of artists and architects have created an ad-hoc village in a small area on the city docks..supposedly the concept is to create everything necessary for human interaction in a small eco-friendly system. Grow food, work, have art, housing. the "village system" is made from recycled materials, and structures, and is situtated on one of the wharfs jutting out into the bay.I enjoy the concept, to materialize how we can create systems such as this on demand within a city which exists concurrently with these style integral villages giving people a true "home" area.

the new james bond movie is the only one i have enjoyed in years and years::::i appreciate the way the "new" film has broken away from previously developed badly done sterotypes. the new film has no superbad, bad guys, no flying cars, no laser beams, and no smart comments--- this breaking away includes the watch that bond wears. Ian Fleming's original books were excellent about describing every detail element around the character's sense of style. i can remember being 10 or 12 years old reading through all the bond books available at the time and they were my first insight on how people could live with a sense of personal style---- Fleming would often base a "Bond" item on his own tastes in life--- which were wide reaching---from pistols, to shirts, to drinks to stylish women to watches----however the films would fall victim to cultural trends, product placement of the moment and during the long roger moore period--a lack of true style-----Wikipedia advises "In the James Bond films, Bond has been associated with several well-known watches usually outfitted with high-tech features not found on the production models. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Rolex Submariner, which appeared during the Sean Connery films. Roger Moore's James Bond was fond of Seiko quartz watches." High tech science fiction watches are no longer a thing of the future we have mp3 player watches, gps watches, heartbeat monitor watches---so the new bond goes for an Omega chronograph. An excellent choice very classic, a perfect fit for the character--- my compliments to the (probably) highly paid movie watch guy who decides these things.

Of course Omega watches are often the choice of film characters i can appreciate-- the Omega Deville Prestige watch was Mulder's choice in the X-FILES and shown quite often. Mulder however was a reluctant hero---so therefore no chronograph---breaking time into it's specific elements was not a mulder kinda thing---Just a depository of useless information i am--- "I'll take fictional character's wristwatches for $50.00 alex"

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