Saturday, April 07, 2007

exceedingly cold this saturday a.m. in new mexico....
therefore i turn to inside jobs--i will step away from the computer, do a minor task and return---this system actually seems to work very well for me-----balancing art and work as one. I have a list of items requiring attention which provides the ultimate in satisfaction---completing a task and crossing it off my list, with a yellow marker--- i then make the big, male monkey sound of pleasure--ooh-ooh--ooh! when i do this.
Task completion then allows me to reward myself----last night i resupplied---ordering new (actually all used but new to me) books and anime dvd's to keep my brain occupied, had to i was completely out of mental stimuli. i attempt to balance my never ending requirements for books by ordering from the used it fulfills my mental requirements on recycling.

i placed orders for several new books the first, Jennifer Government, by max barry i seem to be into postcyberpunk corporate fiction. Jennifer government involves a plot by a futuristic running shoe corporation, for their executives to murder new shoe owners to create a weird reverse marketing demand for their brand of this world people take on the last names of their employer and jennifer government is an agent assigned to stop this plot, the barcode tatoo under her eye is what sold me when i read reviews on this---...the second book on the way is drawing from life on drawing and sketching in your daily journals sort of a combination of technique and inspirational thing-- i love peering into the art forms of others and learning elements i can use in my own day to day art applications---this is the type of book where originally i'll say i don't need this but if i buy it i return to it again and again and again so i've learned to snap outa it and purchase what intrigues me....

my non-pervey anime path continues, i ordered used copies of the next investigation--- the last exile are apparently 12 dvd's or something like that in this series--- i ordered the first two, used, to see if i like it. Supposedly this anime is full of airships, biplanes, floating aircraft carriers and so forth which of course meets my personal coolio factor...but i'll provide a review---i do get inspired for my notebook doodling by these anime's---obtaining ideas for unusual steam powered devices that i sketch--and since it is a "new" thing to me it keeps my brain synapses firing in new channels. I've also developed this tradition of watching anime during lunch on my little laptop--pulling my brain totally away from new anime's are worth their used cost to me for that ability alone...'s a recent addition to my wristwatch picture collection--a beautiful watch, a stand alone piece of mechanics and art combined, this particular watch i have never actually seen before, it may be time for me to watch shop again---::::::followed by a babbage engine, a mechanical computer-- a difference engine---i am just fascinated by these types of items as well::::::::

in a few moments i will be shutting down our computer systems at the house to attempt to add wireless networking for our laptops while maintaining our desktops on wire service broadband:::::i may wind up dead in the meat world::::trapped in the hovercraft deep below ground level.who knows but---wireless working has been on my to do listing for a considerable period of time and fear can no longer delay me---i think---so i will close this, and post it--just in case i am delayed by my own technical incompetance--

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