Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am going to speak of nothing on the budget fighting--remember NO POLITICS--politics are over. We have fallen off the scale to where politicians are immaterial any longer. They are little nobodies------- attempting to gnaw on the remaining scraps of society's corpse.

It's time to relax and appreciate the understand the fact that few can say they were there at the end days of an empire an know exactly why it is relax there is nothing the average American can do...but watch it happen.

The greenhouse is finished!
My JoJo planted potatoes, onions and pea's this week in our standard side beds...and soon will be planting herbs in the greenhouse...I got the winter cleaned off the back patio and will work on the front planting flowers etc. we have to see if our rosebushes survived this Siberian winter we experienced this year....
My new worm farm is in route and once i get it up and worming, so to say, i will provide some photos...the garden is in that stage where you can what it will be like this summer....but for a good while it is just going to look like shit! no matter what we will come will come...

A link to an outstanding article on Mother Jones entitled "It's the inequality Stupid" that is an absolute must read....for anyone that thinks.
The graphs (sample above) displaying the rape of what once was the middle class---and the transfer of wealth to The George Bush strata is simply have to see this. You have to see the effect of conservative government on what was the middle class.

It is not social or war spending that has created our poverty, poverty which has turned us into the world's most dangerous 3 world is our elite, the rich who will never be rich enough stealing the future from your children...the Bush's the Cheney's, and every member of the Representative government. Robbed in broad daylight--you have nothing---

I received my Ichi Iachiago knife from Germany---it is beautiful--perfect sized for everyday carry and i am fascinated with my first Damascus knife. The only problem is that the sheath provided with the knife bites the big one....sort of a mountain man kind of thing going on---which i am definitely not involved with. So i am taking the opportunity to teach myself how to build kydex knife sheaths....I found a kit from where else--knife

The process of working with kydex doesn't really seem that hard and my goal is to create a sheath like the one pictured below to ride higher and more hidden on my belt. I ordered the kydex in OD green since i am currently attempting to leave the tactical black zone with my everyday carry equipment...I'll advise how this turns out...

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David Scott said...

Warren - Sounds like you are making good progress on your plans. I am inspired by the ideals you have and look forward to your idals and thoughts.

Politically well what can I say I write to my congressman and senators and they write to me back telling me basically rubbish. No question about it we are heading for the doldrums and whether or not we get some wind in our sails to get us out of this mess. Who knows.