Friday, February 18, 2011

With spring, here in New Mexico, work starts on the urban garden...with the weather clear the greenhouse is once again being constructed even as i write this... JoJo has been a blur of planting already---seeds are already placed in the beds...seedlings are rising in the garage under lights---and she added new, this year, 2 Raspberry plants (we'll have to see if these work out tho)---and sweet potatoes. As for me--I am still shelling pecans and am at my 4th gallon now. But work has really held me back lately. I do have a, to do list and swear i am gonna get on it---tomorrow. We lost our potatoes and onions in storage due to the fact that we didn't dry them long enough in the sun before putting them away for the year---well, it is a good thing to learn now, rather then when our life depends on them....which may be too soon.

I have come to despise us as a society---

This cartoon truly represents the belief structure of all the conservative morons that surround me at work....they cheer on the destruction of the EPA, the SEC,the FDA, the heating assistance to the poor--until they get poisoned---until they get cheated by the bank, until they get cold, until they are out of a job and cannot feed themselves.....then they will bitch and wonder what happened to their Regan cheese....i am maintaining my vow not to write on politics...this is not politics this is abject stupidity...led by the American Taliban...that resides amongst us.
The ultimate proof of the overwhelming stupidity of this nation is that we continue to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan while we collapse, while our people are hungry, sick, out of work and our own infrastructure needs rebuilding----but no...we are forced to watch as our society destroys itself and is proud of it!

Recent everyday carry additions---one item I just purchased and one item I want....the item i just added to my pockets/bug-out-work bag are the black tactical goggles displayed below. These goggles even fold for pocket carry!! New Mexico in March is much like the planet Dune---high winds-- all day with blowing sand...standard sunglasses do nothing to keep the blowing sand/dust out of your eyes, so having the ability of pulling a Chronicles of Riddick kinda thing is so important...did i mention they were $9.99 with free shipping on amazon? Makes em even better.

The latest item on my EDC "I want it list" is this Citizen Eco Drive Military watch....Eco drive has no battery requirements. Self powered by the sun. This watch is very clean, subdued and time visible.

I have pre-ordered the dvd release of "The Battle of Los Angeles". In my hands via Amazon on 03-17.
I have been awaiting this film since I began reading news of it on the Internet. It has been however tough to get a handle on---- only recently have photo's of the invading Alien foot soldiers been released (below).
The Battle of Los Angeles has a tough problem...alien invasion movies for the most part turn out to be shit...for an example I give you.....Independence day....
The only alien invasion movie i have ever truly cared for was Earth vs. the Flying Saucers... so the construction of an invasion of earth by aliens movie will be a tough sell to me unless both the alien and military action is realistic and hopefully the ending will not be something out of Signs..... where the aliens are written as such a stupid culture that they cannot figure out Earth water can kill them even tho they somehow manage to travel across the galaxy to this planet!!!
I am hoping for the best out of Battle for Los Angeles.....really I am.

I am back at full blogging capacity. No excuses. The mystery surrounding why my Sony E series laptop will not connect by wireless to my home net system remains...i am hardwired to the matrix now. Had to give up the hunt for a solution as did the Internet provider servicemen and varying computer repair techs...there is still FM involved apparently.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.
Ralph W. Sockman

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David Scott said...

I dealt with the same things when I worked at the city. I can never understand why people of moderate and even low income can be so pro TEA party or conserative repbulican. The only thing I can come up with is that the republican have better PR. and since we are so self-centered we are deathly afraid of someone getting something we may not.

Like you I struggle with the idocy of what is going on in politices. It doesn't help reading Robert Reich's blog as he has it dead on as to what is going on. It can even make you feel hopeless even desperate. Either way the feeling of waiting for the othe shoe to drop has diffintly created a lot of anxiety among us.

Keep the faith.