Saturday, February 12, 2011

I go into my food storage area and just look. I have developed this habit to control my feelings of anguish, when I feel the loss of intelligence to stupidity in our governments...and when I become focused on how we have rotted from within. My stored food and emergency supplies make me as if I have something positive...I imagine that the Britons, when Rome pulled out leaving them alone against the Picts and the Vikings, felt the same when they buried their personal treasure..not imagining that it would be centuries before some mope with a metal detector found it.
There are crop, climate and energy whirlwinds approaching and all we do is argue over who can marry who, cut services to children and pound our chests about being #1.
We are done---unfortunately the trailer park philosophy and the God shouters will never understand this and make our finale worse than it might need to be.

Stock food-medicines-bicycles-water-medical supplies-garden like your life depends on it because it now does...because.....

We watch the Arab Public, active-involved in their problems, united at least in change while we play politics as usual. As gaslines explode in residential neighborhoods our elected idiots want to cut infrastructure money. While we are poisoned by poor food processing they want to cut the FDA's budget..The Republicans are for all intents and purposes killing the EPA in their budget proposals----but never, ever, cut security theater DHS or the military budgets...that would be un-American you-all.

Our society will only continue to crumble as long as we do not cut the military to the long as trailer park idiots are in charge....Unfortunately Americans take more shit than any other culture from their government---So there will be no square full of citizens in Washington demanding action--- we did that during Viet Nam, and of course, nothing changed---no one in power listens to you--no one in power---cares about you----no matter who they are----get a handle on that and prepare for the end.

I do carry, at least, one of my knives, usually two, daily either on my person as part of my everyday carry or in my work they are in use (pure justification here)---- I am deep into the everyday carry concept and the bug out bag philosophy.....I just ordered a new knife by Izumi Ichiago, and am awaiting its of the good things about this knife other than how simply beautiful it is---is that i will be forced to learn how to make a Kydex sheath for it---i can't abide leather sheaths for everyday carry. I'm not a woodsman, I'm a city Cretan. I've found a place that sells Kydex knife sheath kits and am studying the process now. Hopefully I'll post knife and sheath photo's later.

I am still without home wireless---what can i say? forgive the lower construction standard of the blog and my inability to answer comments for a while yet...


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David Scott said...

Warren --
You know what I hate more than anyting else the feeling of being manipulated. That alone is somehing that drives me to the point of insanity.

I tell my kids pick your fights. Fight the ones that mean the most to you. But I don't know where to begin.

They talk about the instict of fight or flight. I can say that I can't run so for me it is fight. Wtih that in mind I when they come for me, whoever that is, I will sing my death song, drive the stake into the ground tie myself to it and take as many coup's as possible.