Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Reading--The Twlight of American Culture---watching 3rd Rock from the Sun on streaming---trying electric cigarettes??---

This will end well----
food again...i'm tired of telling you---let someone else do it----
the real Buckaroo Banazi----

Just over a hundred years ago, a viable pistol was part of a gentleman's ensemble as common as a pocket watch. It was considered part of being a gentleman to be capable to not only defend yourself and your love ones...but to insure justice....Holmes would ask Watson if he had his pistol with him routinely....a perfect visual example of this philosophy is the opening scene from the movie The Wind and the Lion... a British Diplomat defends Eden Perdicaris from a Barbary Pirates kidnapping, as best he can, during their lunch with a Bulldog revolver, pulled from beneath his white suit, until--------- his ammunition runs out...
A 9mm semi-automatic pistol is part of my every day carry.
I am licensed, allowed,---- an armed liberal. I consider the firearm i carry a tool, like a small flashlight---useful if the lights suddenly go out in an unfamiliar location. I own and carry several small 9mm pistols...H&K P7, Kahr etc. gentleman's pistols, easy to conceal....no fighting of zombie hoards required...essentially they are "back the fuck off me" pistols..
I re-examine and re-fit my everyday carry supplies and equipment every few months. It helps survive the mind numbing of work...This process is going on now---I've ordered a Citizen Eco Military watch, received a new Timbuk2 Cabbie wallet..received my new belt knife...ordered new dark blue shirts in keeping with my geezer tactical line of clothing...and ordered a new Forbus paddle, holster ( above ) for my Kahr 9mm pistol. I have not carried the Kahr a great deal, it is an excellent pistol...due to the lack of a holster that i can forget I have it on...hopefully this Forbus technical holster will amend the situation for the Kahr deserves to be carried by a gentleman.

I am on two weeks leave...catching up on spring...my favorite type of vacation---i get to feel as if i am retired......there is always, always much to catch up on. I keep a log of what i have done so that when i go back to work i can read through it and appreciate being able to do these jobs-- Once this is done i am back at work for 5 months...but right now i have 7 working days off remaining---

Our worm farm is in and built---complete with bedding, shredded newspaper, burlap---all the essentials for my one pound of red wriggler worms that are on the way...my previous worm farm was homemade---which believe me worked fine---but when you are composting garbage on your back patio where you spend a great deal of time--ascetics count...the manufactured version offers better drainage and temperature control...and is well, more pleasing to the eye for sure.........(actual photo below)

A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.
D. Elton Trueblood

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David Scott said...

Warren - The news isn't very comforting. All you can do I believe to sit with your back to the wall, keep an eye on the door and know where the exits are.

I wrote to my congressman one of the conservative TX republicans and the BS he responded back with was pathetic. They have only one agenda and that is destruction of the American middle and working class by getting rid of the unions and programs that help us the most. Follow that with their being totally committed to getting rid of President Obama and any vistage of the democratic party. Well that means not much hope of any real goverment relief.

Stay loose stay cool and stay armed.