Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well guess what?----Obama turned out to be a republican in democrat's clothing and has stabbed me in the heart with the knife of disappointment---I had to develop a new political theory to be able to survive the lie of Obama. It took me awhile but----
This is my new personal political theory:
I am planning on voting in 2012 for the most insane, retarded, crazed candidate i can find...someone honestly certifiable----a candidate from the American right wing snake dancing Taliban! I want to cast my vote for someone who believes that Jesus commuted to work on a dinosaur..that the earth pumps out oil without end the way Cher will never get old----someone who thinks greenhouse gas is when you fart in a place they grow little plants---a candidate who is proud of their stupidity, who works at not being intelligent and makes no bones about the fact that a little toxic waste never hurt anyone....a candidate who thinks that our present 3 wars just aren't enough by God and someday, if we just all put "support our troops" stickers on our cars---- we'll turn Afghanistan into Iowa ! Someone who believes that trickle down economics will still work if we just help corporations out more with tax breaks and that medical bankruptcy is American by God and socialized medicine the foreign devil. I want this candidate to believe that human life starts when you get a boner....and anything that interrupts the process is an illegal abortion.

I am going to vote for someone from the insane clown posse right wing who makes Michelle Bachman look like sister Theresa....makes Dick Cheney look like the friendly next door neighbor and who turns George Bush the second into a genius!

Why you rightfully ask?

I want the American empire and society as it is now to die a quick death and not the slow, painful, ongoing, depressing expiration we are currently suffering through...America is like the 100 year old grandmother who won't die---while the bankers, politicians and lawyers feed off of her estate---someone needs to suffocate grandma with a pillow and a President with the mental capacity of a Bachman or Palin---or in truth--- pretty much any conservative republican teabagger is I believe, the backwoods relative that will put that pillow over grandma's face in 2012 and have us done with this theater of the absurd.... I am purposefully going to vote for the absolute worst candidate possible---someone who, like a monkey at the controls of a 747, will crash what is left of this society into a fireworks factory from high altitude, so that we can get on with being poor, destitute and good serfs to the rich---but at least we can be over the continuous worry about becoming poor, destitute, and serfs to the rich......I am not kidding about this, quit fooling me, lying to me, waving the flag and false statistics at me, stop trying to get me to believe in hope----Let's just get this downfall the fuck over with---

Capitalism works better from every perspective when the economic decision makers are forced to share power with those who will be affected by those decisions.
Barney Frank

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David Scott said...

WOW!! Warren I do believe you are a bit miffed at our current situation.

I don't think Obama is a blue dog democrat or a republican in sheeps clothing. Rather I believe he is a political coward. Afraid that someone want like him or worse yet maybe he will not ger re-elected if he PO's someone. He just don't realize it is too late. Everybody is PO at him.

When I first started as an inspector I was told if everybody like you then you are not doing your job. May explains so few friends today.

Pres. Obama needs to realize that while getting elected is a populatirty contest being a president is not one. It is time for him to grow a pair and start acting like a president of a nation in crisis.