Sunday, March 13, 2011

Working---- reading Off,off Grid....Pony tail is 8 months old now....gasoline is $3.55 9/10 in my part of New Mexico---no moisture here for 112 days---garden almost in thanks to the work of my JoJo---greenhouse is great--I am still in the no politics zone.

No Budget, No brains, No plan....Higher gasoline prices, higher food prices, no jobs...9 million more loose health care, two wars ongoing...but yet we warn Libya to get it's shit together or else???

Maybe we can send an I'm sorry card to the future? Sarah Conner will be pissed anyway!

I understand that I am helpless when it comes to resisting knife purchases---I preach logic and understanding---resisting societal influences---but when it comes to things like knives, watches, and handguns...i am an asshole.
My latest order is the below illustrated Cold Steel, Rajah 3 folding knife.

The blade shape like a Kukri in a folding knife is what lured me----
The Kukri--the traditional edged weapon of the Gurkha Contingent is one of those links to the past which has not faded and hopefully never will---the ability to carry one on a daily basis was too much to resist.

There is no word or thought concept in Japanese for looting---as we Americans know it. There can be any number of American excuses as to why a traditional American past time---looting----which can occur at any moment including a stupid sports win or loss----does not exist on the mainland Japanese consciousness.
Americans will often respond to societal comparisons to Japanese culture with statements such as ----Japan is a society which developed based on the good of the group rather than the individual? Which limits and oppresses individuality? That they are an overly structured, single race society isolated by their island nature?

I spent time in Japan during the late 80's---(that was when Americans were worried that they would be taking over the world---remember?) As the introverted, hermit like individual that i am I found Japan wonderful except for the food---ugh. Although knowing full well that i would always be Gajiin --- barbarian ---- I liked and marveled at their systems----they have no word for looting because they are a society without the huge gaps between classes---that we have in the United States which I believe are cultivated specifically and intentionally in place to retain power in the hands of a few.
There is no word for looting in Japan.

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

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David Scott said...

I was reading your blog and as expected we still share some of the same ideals. I do believe in the belief of the scarifice of the idividual for the good of the group and scarifice of the group for the good of the individual. It is a delicate balance not often achieved. but as far as I am concerned it is the core belief of socialism and christainty of which I am both.
I am now in the process of getting my concealed weapon permit after much reistance. I fear sometimes that a weapon in the hand limits your choices. But I am getting to crippled up to get out of a situation very fast and know that I may need to stand fast and defend myself remembering that there are no fair fights.
Your daily carry reflect your personality. It makes sense that you carry emergency water and such.
If it all went to hell I got the understanding you would head for the mountains. Myself I would head for the big thicket on the TX south east coast. here with a jon boat I can cast for shrimp fish for both fresh water and saltwater fish while the big thicket is overrunned with wild hogs and deer. They make for a very lean meat and if smoked or stewed tender as a corn fed beast. Then my leanings are most likely genetic as I am part choctaw (My grandmother was full) from the coastal and southern Missippi region. In the end in whatever scenario we will do what we must do to survie.