Sunday, March 20, 2011

My every day carry...I am very wrapped up in studying, carrying and having on hand the necessary items for daily existence, protection and emergencies. I'm the guy you make fun of carrying everything---until that is---you need something!
I have finally completed most of my spring requirements around the urban homestead and therefore had a chance for photography and to create a blog covering only my everyday carry material. The material described and pictured below are actual items i carry with me every day to work. I am lucky in that I am able to wear BDU's (battle dress utilities) to work which provide multiple pockets to haul all this stuff around.
The material described and displayed does not include my 3 day large walk out pack that i keep in the vehicle for emergencies....that will have to be covered at another posting.

The material pictured above is what i will pocket carry tomorrow, there are no additions or subtractions for this blog.
I have a conceal carry weapons permit so a small handgun is always a part of my everyday carry. From upper left to right My Citizens military Eco drive wristwatch. The current favorite, although watch selection changes from day to day. Kahr 9mm pistol with extended barrel and compensator, holster with spare magazine and pouch---16 rounds total. Sprint smart phone, cold steel folding knife, Timbuk2 Cabbie wallet, Rhodia pocket notebook with pen and pencil.
Ray ban sunglasses, car/house keys/compass, spare ponytail ties, lighter, cigarettes with a waterproof surfers case i adapted for my smokes, and my Tibetan prayer beads.
This is the basic pocket load out for any given day with minor exceptions....for pistol/knife/phone when i go to grand jury duty in two weeks!


My current daily bug out bag carry has been this North Face base camp bag.....Bags do change with the season and mood (see below for a new bag i have just ordered). What has helped insofar as my daily bag carry has been my purchase of the super tiny Lifebook U810 pictured above...the super small size of this full capability computer has made my daily carry so much simpler in weight load and bag size.

There are some items above that require an explanation:
The silver sardine style can is a small survival kit
The blue items are surgical gloves
The black and red pouch contains a small first aid kit and medicines
I carry food-----tuna/crackers MRE accessory packs (contents vary tho) and two lifeboat, sealed, water pouches.
I carry a small black pouch containing a powerful mini flashlight, Swiss army computer knife, and diamond knife sharpener.
I carry an Am/FM shortwave radio in case with headphones, a lighted magnifying glass, an Areo/temp gauge, a Solar panel charger with connector for mobile phone, a Shermagh and Ac adapter for the Lifebook, sand and wind goggles against the New Mexico climate, spare batteries, paracord, moleskin notebook, water proof matches, pens, mechanical pencil, and of course more spare ponytail ties.

While this may appear as if it is a ton of gear, it all fits nicely into the North Face Shoulder Bag, which is about 14x4 and rides comfortably when walking. I can survive out of this bag for two days, not comfortably, but it is a good combination of emergency supplies with tools and requirements for the average work day. Combining my basic pocket carry with my 3 mile run bag i have the capability to shoot, move and communicate unsupported for 2 days. I can't ask for much more and still be able to be stealth.

So there is my personal everyday carry equipment that i philosophize so much about on this blog. Sorry that this took so long to post but...the urban homestead chores come first!

A new bag is on the way (again)...a South African Defense Force shoulder bag from Omaha's army/navy. I have several pieces of SADF Surplus web gear--excellent design and manufactured perfectly to work in conjunction with my FN-FAL rifle.
This is more of a mid sized musette/gas mask bag...which i plan on using for work-----i have been attempting to reduce down the size of the bug out bag that i carry daily to work (thanks for my new tiny lifebook laptop---see above) and this SADF bag is my attempt to reduce further. My requirements are to be able to survive for 2 days with what is in my 3 mile run bag. So there must be a balance in what i need to carry versus size. I am hoping this new bag will be a valued addition to what i carry.

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