Thursday, July 30, 2009

The faster I go the further behind i seem to be----
That's been my motto for this week---worked my ass of and see very little results---ah well....
We did the farmers market this am and that was fun---I always seem to like being there even tho a reasonable person would shudder at the work involved in setting up a booth for a few hours.
The garden is doing well---but---the tomatoes are still green and our corn didn't work out---the corn is our fault---we didn't plant it right since we really never expected it to actually grow. It fooled u
s by growing and producing no corn---you killed Kenny you bastards---it cries out to me. This week I ordered supplies for both the urban homestead and the vehicle walk out bag. I have water barrels, full at the moment, but my planning on insuring good drinking water was spotty at best. Water purification tabs--bleach etc. So realizing this flaw i ordered one of those pump water filtration systems from Switzerland that you can drop into the love canal, pump the handle, and out the other end comes great, pure water. Costs like the devil but worth it in the long run---i feel like I have a much more self-sufficient water supply at home now with the addition of this hand-pumped system. Anything that gets great reviews from jungle missionaries is OK with me. So pure water at the urban homestead is now checked off.
I also purchased a one man Eureka tent for my vehicle walk out bag. There has been weirdness at work surrounding the upcoming swine flu event. It became apparent to me that there is the remote chance that i may be unable to free my vehicle from my workplace and I may need to hump(walk) the 38 miles from work to home. So there are big changes afoot on my vehicle bag. What was an "emergency kit" now becomes a full fledged, ground covering hiking outfit. In my part of New Mexico a tent for shade is an absolute---one part of the route home covers ground where there is no shade for 16 miles. I found this Eureka, 3lb, one man tent on sale. The perfect item to shade me during the day for sleep and then walk at night. My new Rucksack is out and My Lowe Alpine internal frame pack is in the car. Other items needed to be added or replaced, more food, water capacity, hiking boots Shermagh the addition of items necessary for covering this amount of ground under the local conditions. Someday I'll tell you about why I have to consider this option but not now. That was this week. My mind was too bummed out to reach anything of any value.

When you heard the blurbs or talk that the economy is getting better read these links and come back to the real world:

Flags are too expensive for this city to keep up:
This state cannot pay anyone for awhile--and it's not California:
Seems like disability claims are up---I wonder why?
Post office is hurting:
A Florida Condo development with one family living there---they can't get out--
Arizona quality of life down the tubes but not to hear them talk about it----
These are just a small few of the news stories out and around that seem to contradict the good times are coming again back spin.........

One of the odd things I am interested in is Neanderthals.
I follow the subject when i can---collect books and suppose that this issue is the answer i would give to the standard time travel question. You know, the one that goes: if you could travel back in time to one era to find an answer to one thing---for me it would be Neanderthals. I'm not going to go into all the back and forth arguing the scientific dudes do over speech/lack of speech--cannibalism--growth rate of Neandertal children----Neanderthal vs. Homo Sapien Sapien---blah-blahblah--blahblah. We've mapped their DNA and they were our brothers. That is an absolute. Criminologist's have reconstructed the faces of their children from fossil skulls. There is just too much back and forth on what our brothers were, how they lived, how we lived with them for 30,000 years and how they went away. You can read too much on a subject...I think that is where i am at with this...My answer to the question of why did Neanderthals die out has gotten simpler over time rather than more complex. The more i read on the issue the more confused i get and the more useless the smart guy theories seem to be. So this is my answer---the Serenity theory----Neanderthals stayed the same for over 150,000 years without changing much. Maybe they got tired and maybe they just laid down one night and didn't get back up again.

One of the small jewels scattered about the net is---AfriGadget.
A collection of stories, instructions, photo's-- displaying/describing Hack-Tech, Junk-Tech, making do, inventing with what you have.....from Africa---where creating something from nothing is a requirement. If you are at all interested in making your own technology you need to bookmark this site. Great idea's there.

"Studies into clinical depression have yielded similar findings, leading to the development of an intriguing, but still controversial, concept known as depressive realism. This theory puts forward the notion that depressed individuals actually have more realistic perceptions of their own image, importance, and abilities than the average person. While it’s still generally accepted that depressed people can be negatively biased in their interpretation of events and information, depressive realism suggests that they are often merely responding rationally to realities that the average person cheerfully denies."


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