Friday, July 24, 2009

My previous post was---a slightly depressing free flowing apologies...i/we are working on planning an airstream. Work however is a whole 'nother issue.

The Swine Flu has NOT simply gone away. There are an estimated 100,000 cases in Great Britain. This is more cases in one country right now than all countries previously involved in the pandemic scare several months ago combined.
The SF H1N1/09 virus should rotate back to the United States as soon as cooler weather sets in. The major question is in what mutated form will the H1N109 return---mild or deadly? My understanding is that the virus does not transmit airborne
as effectively in heat which is why we have the cold/flu season. It is estimated that on the next rotation of the virus somewhere between 12 to 24% of the American Public could get SF----This rotation of pandemics, this cycle, is not at all unusual. The Spanish Flu of 1918 displayed similar characteristics. A first run of mild flu with a low death rate---followed by an immense death rate on the second run.....and a lower 3rd cycle death rate, until the disease cycled into non-lethal status...this is normal virus procedure.
If you are not following a self-sufficient path You have an approximate 90 day window--- if you live an existence of dependence on society to provide for you STOP NOW---
Stockpile food, water, and mouth/nose masks. These items may become impossible to find as the world around you gets sick...people do not drive resupply trucks sick with the Flu...The best defense will be to hermit up. If you restrict contact with suspected individuals and especially eliminate your involvement in crowd situations your statistical possibility of infection is reduced. If this is impossible during the initial flu outbreak warnings, WASH YOUR HANDS consistently, do not eat at public restaurants and wear a mouth/nose mask --------followed immediately by bunkering up at your home as soon as possible.
There has been the first "healthy human" death from the H1N109 flu in Britain according to BBC reports..that is active, pre-flu disease present to assist the weakening of the patient in combining with SF leading to death...this was the first death from septic shock due to the specific influenza with no other factors in Britain.
There are also reports of tamaflu (or tamiflu as it may be spelled also referred to as Oseltamivir,) resistant cases. Tamaflu is the #1 antibiotic response for flu patients.

Palin has never gotten nor will she ever get...... out of deep shit
Canadian Swine Flu Inspectors are deep in the (Pig?) shit---Swine Flu inspectors guessed it Swine Flu....
The economy no matter what the experts or talking heads say is just really deep in the shit...
Gm's brand new products are, of course, still deep in the shit--a list of 68 overall problems reported by the owners of the new GM camaro--you know the transformer movie car--read it and they say on south park............Buy Amurican!

this is just cool--the blanket couple in the iconic Woodstock photo and album cover above are
"STILL TOGETHER" hit the article link to see them now...but this is very,very cool.

Tomorrow is the farmers market--the eggplant came in and we have a bunch to sell/give along with cukes, flowers, 3 different kinds of peppers, herbs, Zuucks--the new product this week is big sunflower heads--no tomatoes yet for us-maybe soon. A always our forays into public capitalism are strange events. The farmers market is our Obama, community building, social capital good deed.......we'll see...

take your time.........make it count.

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