Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why, oh why, is it that Conservative ( OK no need to be nice the best at it are always republican) politicians who run on a platform of God and family values, are rhu-rhuing everything male or female they can run down and hang onto? I actually like to punch these people around because they hold themselves up as models of the so-called moral majority, they talk of God in soundbites and purposefully produce an us against them political environment, all the while making cheap travel arrangements to fly off to Argentina, of all places, for the pooty.

If they just ran for office as a regular human, if they cussed and smoked, and presented to the public that they had a small amount of normal humanity and understanding of human nature------ instead of pretending they were Jesus's, without sin advanced man for the second coming-----I'd just think, "dude it was a long way to fly---I----hope it was worth it"....But the truth is that North Carolina or South Carolina---or whatever unfortunately retarded state this bozo Mark Sanford is governor of apparently deserves him cause they must have wanted to believe his family/God crap when he was running for office---the problem is that there is tons and tons and tons and tons of similar crap produced by similar guys running for office and those you elected currently running your government and your economy into the ground. They think you are soooo stupid that if they just mouth the words about their morals and their God and how good they are then every holy rolling, snake dancing, stupid thumper in the county, state or nation will vote for intelligent human is forced to just point at this technique and laugh....laugh like the irritating kid on the Simpsons---make the HA-HA noise. The truly horrifying problem is that they do get elected time and time again. I'm sure that Sanford was another one of those assholes who claimed he would protect the sanctity of marriage against the dreaded gay rights movement and lock up weed smokers for life---that usually follows the standard I'm for God/family crap rap. When are we as a society ever going to grow up not believe and not elect this particular, button down type of retard..
i gotta admit tho, he should hire out to email for dudes who can't get a date...his emails to the, Evita whatever, chick were smokin' hot----- i'll give him credit for that much. HA-HA

This is one of those indicators that the economy is really in the toilet---some states are so desperate for cash that not only have they increased traffic ticket writing by police for economic gain---but they are charging you $25.00 if you wish to plead NOT GUILTY to the traffic summons in court...that's not a fine---it's the charge for saying i did not do this!---dude, plant a garden cause it's game over.

I loved this article--5 groups focused on by conspiracy theorists as controlling the world, or wanting to---and why anyone who believes they do or can is retarded.

A study released 07-01-09, by The American Institute of Architects has stated that the McMansion (you know the type) is officially out of style with only 4% of clients requesting----the over sized, inefficient, impress no one while actually trying to, suburban cheesy lawyer in residence----home. Perhaps there is hope for our society yet---although there is a million of those bastards to tear down.

A recent youTube favorite of mine---David Letterman's Top Ten Ways the GOP can become more Hip:

Astounding---A birthday present from my wife who absolutely must love me...A Timex WS4 Expedition watch that I admittedly coveted. I love this watch--after having worn it all week i may never take it off---Mine is as pictured although they come in several is HUGE. It is one of the best watches i have ever owned--easy to see, easy to work all the functions, and so geek styling cool like I feel like an engineer at Lockheed's Skunk Works...Someone at Timex has their shit totally together with the design and sale of this watch---may they make a million dollars and sell a million copies. Not for the small wristed however--nor for the shy watch owner...people see it and comment on it...... time, altitude, barometer, compass, count down timer, chrono stop watch/lap timer, alarms--- you name it the WS4 has it and you can actually use all of the features ---I cannot say enough good things about this watch...tremendous.

My reading marathon continues---At the moment I am reading Desolation Road
by Ian McDonald, a Science fiction Novel. I enjoyed all of McDonald's previous works greatly although the beginning of this novel requires faith.......I am simultaneously
consuming a non-fiction work by a sociologist studying American survivalists--Dancing at Armageddon by Richard G. Mitchell ----which is excellent so fr. I am still into the problem of not seemingly being able to consume enough words on subjects literally worlds apart. I seem to go through streaks such as this----absorbing books----rabidly underlining passages which are of meaning only to me...which is why I'll never buy a Kindle---you can't underline on it....

Tell someone you don't know they are doing a good job---sit on your front stoop with a cup of coffee on a morning you are off and just enjoy. Laugh--the Dalai lama laughs a lot.

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