Friday, July 17, 2009

Neither a good nor a bad week---no farmers market for us this Saturday---not enough produce came in during the week to supply both us and to cover a table for public sale---so we sat this week out-----leaving some vegetables on the vine to grow larger for next week. It is weird that even tho smaller, younger vegetables taste better---people want size for their money even at the farmers market as compared to tasty....

This week was a week where i lived in my head. That happens to me sometimes. The thought experiments going on in there are way more powerful and to me, more real that what occurs out there, with you. I don't go inside because of the outside---I expect outside to be stupid, confusing, and ridiculous--that's just the way it is. I turn to the, inside my head existence, to complete my understanding of what is going on around me and make decisions based on my own judgement of input from out there. I reexamined my judgement on self sufficiency based on several recent reports on the economy in the media and of course my thought examination included the economy's effect on the subsequent future of our society. Information input is constantly varying--------the complete spectrum of media sources print, online and broadcast,
screams "recovery" on any reported economic improvement on any little numeric symbol that they can hang their hat on. When I go inside to figure this out for myself, because of a conflict in what i am seeing
and researching--between media input and what i am seeing/feeling my solution, my output is that reports of economic improvement are false.
Bear in mind that i am often wrong (most recently on gas prices), it's not that i think/believe that I know better, i just want to decide for myself. The result of being in my head this week is that regardless of media reports I see no improvement. I am still planning on making do by ourselves. Continuing to stockpile and live a self-sufficient lifestyle.... The result of looking inside and making my own judgements is that there is a large number probability that the current economic situation is just the beginning of our slide to children of men status.
Living inside my head this week---thinking,contemplating, evaluating, I believe there is a large number probability that Swine Flu will return with greater potency in the upcoming colder weather seasons. I purchased masks for my wife and I in advance of the next flu season. My true judgement is that this is not over as the media broadcasts.My judgement is that we will not have the capability, leadership or infrastructure to handle a Flu problem if one does indeed occur. Therefore my emphasis on self-sufficiency is not misplaced based on the evidence. I came to the overall conclusion that my philosophy on the end of the American empire, the end of globalism, the end of MacMansionism, and the attack of peak oil----------all these theories still contain large number probability of occurrence pretty much at any moment. The concept of when--or a time factor as in occurring overnight or over a long descent time frame is immaterial. The long term descent is already in progress. The overnight problem development is dependent on external factors that an individual such as myself can never see.
Living is my head is not supposed to be good--in fact I've had people tell me that i live in my head too much. It's my method of coping-----of determining the right path for me.

The instant communications that we have now means that anyone who would care, knows that Walter Cronkite, who was known as "the most trusted man in America" is dead. Persons my age remember he was the one who broke the news to us that Kennedy was dead. The moment that changed our society......He actually outlasted broadcast journalism. Real journalism on television died 20 years ago. He lived a good solid,honest life and that's the way it is.

Just random items i saved while surfing--items that made me stop and think or just mumble WTF?
Besides culturally trashing our country WalMart appears to be the place to go in Florida if you wish to get rattlesnake bit while shopping--ugh--
Cracked, which i just started visiting on the web is an excellent, kinda twisted humor site that appeals to my baser instincts. A link to a list of theirs titled "10 Things that will not end well."
another interesting list from WIRED the top ten endearing habits of a geeky spouse.

This is a very cool graphic--from USA Today--showing the construction of the International Space Station. It shows the different elements assembling.

Apparently Simon Pegg and his crew are working on a new film "PAUL".
From what i can read about it a bunch of weird buds set off in an RV to discover what's really going on at AREA 51. This should end up well.

Ask more questions----people like it when you ask questions about them or what they are doing. Give away good vegetables to friends.

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