Friday, July 03, 2009

The garden is happy and producing, the lawns are deep green, cut and detailed...the dogs are done playing and tired. I'm writing, taking pictures, organizing.

Since disposing of our cable TV we set up a ROKU system off of netflicks. This system allows one to transmit, online, movies and documentaries from the Netflick site to your actual television set rather than having to view this material on your computer. It is obviously good and cool. Neflicks has a good' viewable on line collection of documentaries and movies which i run in the background in my nerd cave while doing, well doing stuff. I'm running a documentary on green buildings and skyscrapers in New York as i write this.....I've been enjoying this process and feel absolutely so much better mentally since getting rid of the stupidity of cable.

There are things that i need to get caught up on tonight---the Internet is a demanding place. I must email friends, photograph and upload photos of my stuff to flickr for my EDC (every day carry) and what's in your bag---- groups. Download today's garden photo's to my files---and on and on. Strange how there are to do lists in the metaverse? It's a good idea for me to bunker up today and work in the vapor of the internet.
As i write this on the day before the july 4th holiday from the start today felt as if it was one of those "one click off days"......the vibe did not feel right even tho today should be a good day... i have a free day off and i accomplished good solid work on the house....I've got the place visually perfect in the Gran Torino mode, .....insert get off my lawn here. i think the vibe floating on the wind of the weirdness of a national summer holiday on the cusp is strong---the sense of tomorrow's redneck ambulance calls, the bizarre boating fatalities, the family's gathering for phony celebrations whose members really hate each other but are trapped in the endless, pretend, i love you requirements, all these things are sending out powerful signals of "I hate this"....i can almost feel the thousands of stupid human tricks with fireworks lying in wait to happen against hands and fingers of lower bell curve denizens......maybe this is what a human version of M. Night's The Happening, feels like....i liked the film, a lot, so fucking bite me, i liked it. Anyway, that's the interpretation on the signal i am receiving...and right or wrong "You Can't stop the signal Mal".

Every day i realize, visualize and am thankful for my luck, karma opportunity in life. I am a bizarre individual to exist with and I know that fact. My wife, who loves me and accepts me, is the key element in my life i am thankful above all others....i am most thankful ...every day....but especially on the days when, for reasons unknown to me, she gets me stuff that i covet...whu-ho.
My wife got me a Laguiole knife. I can barely believe it. Ebony and nickel
( actually stainless) file carved, inlaid, identical to the left, sample photo.
i am just beside myself---my geek element, my survivalist element, my weird historical element all these strange homelands within my brain are singing thanks in tune for once..I've written on Laguiole knives previously in the, i am coveting one state...but this is written in the state of possession. After a few weeks living with my Laguiole i am in love with it. There is tradition, you cannot receive one as a gift or it will cut you, therefore I paid my wife one cent. There is history, 18th century Sheppard's would plunge the knife into a loaf of bread upright so the cross would serve as a center for prayer on specific occasions. Standing out from everything else there is just the coolness of this item.
In regards to a practical review-----It is a large knife for the pocket of a non-farmer or non-Sheppard type like myself. A solution lies in the knife's leather,open top slipcase, which, with the knife inside rides well in my business guy, oppressor of the people front pants pocket--you still know it's there but it is smooth and unobtrusive. It is wonderfully sharp out of the box, the craftsmanship is everything i thought it would be. The opening and closing of the blade is smooth and pleasingly mechanical. It is like pulling a piece of European art from your pocket to cut up your apple. The 1943 film Sahara with Humphrey Bogart----in which french actor Louis Mercier, when they are staving, mimes cutting with his Laguiole saying " a little, cheese, a little apple, a little onion, a little wine". This pocket knife has big, big massive JuJu........

"the downside of being outrageous is that you have to go around explaining your fucking self to people." Ozzy Osbourne

above all else never explain yourself.

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