Saturday, July 11, 2009

A good weekend with both external and internal accomplishments---we have two baby doves in the back yard growing up--I gran torino'd the front yard life is doing pretty good the past few days---of course i took a couple of vacation days which always helps me to feel as if life is good.

I'm in the process of rebuilding my bug-out-bag that I keep in the Prius for emergencies. The old bag was thrown together with what i had available when i bought the vehicle and i decided to update to a real kit specifically for wait-out-walk out emergencies while operating the car. The bag itself was an old day pack that i am replacing with a european military style rucksack with more room. The olive drab version of course. I'm including flu masks, disposable sleeping bags, a military surplus hat, light jacket, water of course and a rather cool item I discovered called the Advanced Emergency Ration Pack from Survival Kits USA.
I was originally looking for a single MRE to buy to keep from having to hack into the cases of them I have stored at home and found this item which is not only emergency food but contains necessary tools such as a compass, utility knife, fire starting kit, small first aid kit, and an emergency fishing kit--all together in a single bag. This prevents me from having to compile and purchase all the material seperately and seals everything against the elements, which is important in a long term storage situtation like the car. I ordered one to start with to see how good both the product and the company is and if acceptable I'll definately order more. This just seems to be a cool combination of what i needed for a specific task. As Burt Gummer said in Tremors 3---"I was born to hold out!"

This is a perfect example of both my personal strangeness and the marvels of self-education capability though the net.
Live Free or Die Hard is one of my all time favorite movies, combining computers and firearms.
What's not to like? Watched it till we can speak the lines on cue. An item that i focused on was the incredible movements of one of the "foreign" henchmen in the film played by Cyril Raffaelli--
what he does is not special effects rather a martial art called Parkour. Developed in France and translated as the art of movement--Parkour is both a martial art--an extreme sport and a method of thinking. If you Parkour you are refered to as a traceurs.
Basically the idea is to cover any ground as quickly and efficently as possible without injury. It is not a show-off thing. There are no competitions, and the traceurs are often experts in other forms of martial arts or free runners. One of the best films displaying technique and of course co-starring Raffaelli with the co-founder of Parkour a David Belle, is Luc Besson's District 13. also linked below is a youtube clip on Belle---amazing. The next time you are watching a film and think---it's all wiits all digital---think again if it's French ...where else could something this cool come from?

Today we did our first table at the farmer's market Saturday--we enjoyed it. Sold some vegetables, met some nice people, gave some vegetables away and were home by 0930. We even survived the weird street dude. You know the singluar prophet who is apparently required by law to show up at any public function. At one point I walked a little bit away from the courthouse lawn to have a smoke and just enjoyed watching the market set up there from a distance. I was struck by the thought that people have been meeting exactly like this, exchanging surplus crops and hand made products in a local, central location since----well---since we banged on the monolith with the bone.....

It was so very cool to see localalistic capitalism at work. This is exactly the way the world will have to work in the future...where social capital and honest exchange takes the place of globalism and corporate greed. By the time we as a culture figure this out however, we may have to hit the monolith again. At any rate--we had a good time and feel like were part of a good thing...

Farmer's markets are subject to the same weirdness as any place else of course
-here's a link to an article on a locale where the powers that be want to kick a "good witch" out of her tent where she practices, providing love and money charms amongst the vegetables--

Enjoy cutting your's actually pretty Gran Torino like.........


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