Sunday, August 02, 2009

No farmers market for us this week....just too many detail items to work on for both the house and for us personally for all of two days off. So we decided to skip a week... I gotta tell you that
last week was really tough...and this is not just my opinion. Two toilets broken and replaced, daylight burglaries in the sucked everybody was soooo needy....
I knew it was going to be a tough week when driving in to work on Monday morning a trailer load full of cattle pissed all over my Prius---I mean I had to use my windshield wipers it was so didn't take an Indian Shaman or a fortune teller to decode what that sign meant for my could see the full moon during full daylight here in New Mexico this week. We are hunkered up at home this weekend doing the small, odd jobs that have been put off in this strange, strange, week....I am still off my game mentally---still unable to center myself but I am taking steps to rectify this circumstance. I did manage to change my nightly behavior patterns---I've been eating better and attempting to accomplish one task at home each night, something that I want to do, before completely falling out from the effects of 12hrs at work.

My self-sufficiency work this month focused on my Prius walk out bag..which is now complete. Regardless of weather or circumstance if forced to I can dump my vehicle and hump the 38 miles home from my work location.
Next month's paranoia, tin foil hat, budget---returns to food. I'm going to invest in two more cases of military Mre's next month. I had a small problem where my shed airconditioner just blew up this week. I aircondition the shed/workroom at my property to keep my food supplies at a constant 80 degree's.
Mre's will shelf life for 75 months at this temperature. The freeze dried supplies of course require no temperature maintaince. Luckily I had a spare small air conditioner in storage which was used as an immediate replacement. So no worries eh?....I received my Swiss water purification equipment last week and it is a very cool, very Swiss type system. I am definitely leaving it "in the box" until needed---no sense losing parts, spare filters and directions unless absolutely necessary. I am feeling pretty well satisfied with our accomplishments at self reliance so far.
The X factor of the flu season is coming up very no matter if it's flu, economic collapse, or peak oil we are starting to look pretty good---not finished, not complete but overall looking pretty good.
On the home front the garden is still producing really well for our first year at it and we are actually eating really well out of it---
lots of watermelon and cantaloupe at the moment--as well as tomatoes, cukes, squash, pumpkins, spices--blahblah. Next year will be even better with much less work. I believe we have proven that we can produce an abundance of vegetables if necessary or easily supplement our stored food with fresh. Chickens....I still feel like i need two chickens for egg production to round out our self-produced food supply system.....JOJO still doesn't think keeping chickens is too cool of an idea.....can you blame her? She's got to live with must be like living with a paranoid Buckminster Fuller?

Does it seem strange to you that our ex-(thank God)-President Bush could actually be this stupid:
"President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse This bizarre episode occurred while the White House was assembling its “coalition of the willing” to unleash the Iraq invasion. Chirac says he was boggled by Bush’s call and “wondered how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs.”.

Chirac just last week published a book on his time in office as the President of France. The above quote is directly from you wonder why everyone in the world hated us during this time period? This of course also explains why the entire Iraq war made no sense to a standard human being. Close to 5,000 grunts died for this asshole. Not being satisfied with just killing, he then killed our economy. I know I should forgive and forget---but I'm not about to let the republicans walk away from what they created.

USA today is a newspaper for those with a mentality of a 5 year old----- I never read it.
Our leaders use this fish rag however as a portal to the country, to communicate, which shows you what they think of us. The Director of DHS is communicating, between the lines, big time to the masses on dangers of the second go around of H1N1/09 via this USa Today article:

Receiving input on commercial television via DVD can put me somewhat culturally behind..........
............(ya think?)---
10 years to find the X-Files and get hooked---now 6 years after the fact i find LOST. Consider me the Amish of what's happening now in popular viewing culture. As the last LOST season approaches in the real world--- my wife convinces me to watch the first season of LOST streaming on netflicks and I instantly become a junkie. Watching 7 shows in a night's viewing---but i cannot stand this type of material any other does the world suffer through commercials, and the waiting? What appears to me to have been broadcast stupidity with commercial interruptions---becomes a meaningful story line and acting without that inserted stupidity. How does the world put up with it?
I find it perfectly fitting that of all the castaways I find John Locke the most identifiable. "The geezer with 400 knives" as he is referred to once. Locke is almost the only character within my age bracket on this show featuring handsome 20-30 year old ex-models with square jaws, tattoos and California work out bodies. There is Hurley of course---but.... Locke is the one I watch. The one who thinks and has an agenda of his own no matter what appears to be going on. His previous real life and the life in his head, that no one else understands-i try to understand.
I am not yet wandering about my property looking for hatches--but give me time. I just finished viewing the first season and am into the 2nd.

The inspiration for the week is the graphic below

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