Saturday, August 08, 2009

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Everything I have touched for the past four weeks has literally crapped out---my cable Internet connection for reasons unknown at the moment sucks--I had to replace two toilets in the house---my phone mysteriously turns itself off---the inflate tires warning light on my dash keeps going on and off----there appears to be no reasonable explanation for any of this. I am just in one of those badddd streaks...where I spend all weekend working on the house and it still sucks---four weeks of this however is a long, long time. I seem to be lost in it unable to find a door out of this condition. If I touch it I screw it up.

I have always had expensive taste...a problem in life of course. So I go looking for a new netbook. I've always been interested in micro computing...I've owned three of the smallest laptops ever made from an original toshiba libretto purchased used on ebay---to being one of the first Asus EEE owners. So I am prowling netbooks like I do every so often...nothing interests me...execpt for the new super small Sony Vaio---runs vista does everything in a package small enough to fit in a BDU pocket---which of course is $900.00. Well something to put on the list for that "someday" time.

My JOJO came up with the idea of her getting a recumbent 3 wheeled bike---with a dog trailer for trips to the park with the dog boys. I think this is an incredibly cool idea. Between her recumbent and my Segway we could be, if necessary or for enjoyment, we could be completely free from oil dependency.

The dog trailer which is capable of also hauling supplies such as groceries..I am thinking that i
could find a hack that would also let me attach the dog trailer to my Segway as well.
This whole concept fits in with our drive towards self sufficiency. JoJo wants the exercise, me, I'm a Segway kinda guy. We are lucky in the fact that we have a perfect, little building at the end of our driveway, with a smaller than normal, garage door. It will be the perfect place to keep the recumbent/trailer in and launch everything from. I am beside myself with the coolness of this possible situtation. I really hope we follow through with this concept.

From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska:

Top ten signs that you are obsessed with LOST

Top ten signs the government is spying on you:

"Just because there are so many of them being wrong doesn't mean they're right".
Michel Colucci`

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