Friday, June 01, 2012

Pigeonhole Principle

Enough with the talk about Miami Zombies!

Updates on previous writings--the Theirs Vendetta knife is in, it is beautiful and deadly..the belt pouch I ordered for it surprisingly works perfectly (with a bit of stretching) I am very, very happy. 

Although tempted to go, (as they said in the movie TropicThunder) Full Retard,   this very strange week at work, my mental defense protocols held---amazingly...

Today, Friday June 1st,  the stock market tanked again----and it will tank again and again and again---a house of cards populated by scoundrels, fakes, charlatans, criminals and con men....this is what has become of our national economy. 

They took us from steel production to Facebook. From union jobs to minimum wage...From home owners to squatting under a bridge abutment. In our society, smoke a little weed and go to Jail---Rob the elderly of their life savings in the stock market--ride in a Limo...Europe's economy crashing will bring it all down...maybe then we will finally drag the 1% into the streets. Keep cash on hand---use a local only bank--take your money out of the stock market if you are a human being that works for a living. Build gardens now--not when you are hungry. 

I've always hated PT--I was forced to do it for years by those square jawed, closeted, PT freaks in their two sizes too small shorts---Now I have been Scientifically proven correct----exercise isn't for everybody..Of course there are all kinds of whiny--- you should still exercise no matter what--- crap in the article--but the basic premise is that you don't live any longer if you exercise.The article reports that all the studies showing exercise is good for you are based on short term garbage studies...which is why all these Marathon runners and Athletes constantly fall over dead from heart attacks. Ha! Bite me PT dudes.

There are material things I now observe offered for sale that are just incredible to me. These types of items were Science Fiction when I was young, that are available now for purchase without raising an eyebrow---I lust after these items but know I would never be able to either afford or justify the purchase against that possible, one time use, that might save me...again as in a science fiction novel....
Take for example the below illustrated POC motorcross armor.  Which can even be worn under a T shirt....normally nothing but soft foam padding--but as soon as the padding senses a hard blow it stiffens and protects all of the occupants vital parts---how insanely cool---not overly expensive for this kind of science at $300.00 but still too expensive just to have for that one time an opponent tries to use a baseball on incredible tho.......

I understand that I may be the only person in the world who looks at this motorcross armor and thinks about baseball bat protection....high level sociopath. 

I also desire this item but for sure, it's unreasonably, unreachable--- money wise. A backpack portable ground surveillance radar system called the SPOTTER RF
Absolutely no-body, noooo-body, going to be sneaking up on a man with this thing set up and running. Costs are not mentioned, which of course is always a bad, bad sign.... Still one can admire the coolness of it from afar. 

Damn Bob, one of the surest predictors of upcoming death is to get one of these Freedom medals from the White House or get honored at the Kennedy Center with one of their phony medals.  Being offered either of these awards is like getting kissed by a Leper with Ebola! This is one of the "let's grab him before he keels over" awards and accepting one is like having a 400 pound Jamaican nurse stand on your air hose at the hospital. Give it back Bob...I don't like the thought of the world without you....

I adore my Montague folding Paratrooper Mountain Bike--everything about it except for the seat...I just haven't been able to ride it because of the damn seat....I kept thinking that somehow my old ass would adapt to the issued seat....but no chance...I have finally broke down and ordered an old guy, big, wide load, gel cushioned seat... by Yosemite Bicycles, which i hope will work with both the bike and my ass! By next weekend the seat should be in, so my plans are to pull the Bike out, maintain it, and hopefully mount this new seat and peddle my comfortably cradled ass about the neighborhood.

The Plateau we have reached with peak oil will be full of hills and valleys until crashing along thru the undergrowth, we reach the precipice and still traveling blind as a society, tumble off...I did believe that by the date of writing this Americans would be paying an average of $5.00 per gallon.  It is coming.  This is a period of time similar to remission in a cancer victim--the disease is not active--but it has not gone away either. Sort of in Status, to steal science fiction movie terminology. Suspended.  This remission of gas prices does not invalidate Peak Oil at all, it displays how deep the economic pit that we have fallen into really is. This is just one of the valleys on the Peak Oil Plateau, nothing more, nothing less. On a Monday morning in the near future we will wake up to $5.00 gasoline. Count on it.

I recently had to replace two EDC items through no fault of their own. My own stupidity broke these two items, within the same month, each had become absolutely necessary within my EDC equipment...The above IMCO Austrian lighter...and the below illustrated ROTHCO combat glasses. Each item retails for $10.00 and are examples that viable, well designed personal equipment need not cost a fortune. I have restocked both items...

"If you have a garden and a Library, you have everything you need.
Marcus Tullius Cicero


17thairborne said...

Great single post. You've hit on just about every topic that chaps my a$$ lately. Cicero was wrong need a garden, a library, and a vendetta blade or .50 BMG:-) I live for API!!!

David Scott said...

Back in the seventies when they started shipping our manufacturing jobs to Mexico and started stressing a service economy is when I started to talk of an economy who's real value wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

Keep the faith brother.

LvsChant said...

You said: "...I adore my Montague folding Paratrooper Mountain Bike--everything about it except for the seat...I just haven't been able to ride it because of the damn seat....I kept thinking that somehow my old ass would adapt to the issued seat....but no chance..."

I'd like to suggest this as another lovely alternative:


(btw... dh had a similar issue and I suggested this seat for him -- he was not amused)