Friday, May 25, 2012

Ant Odometer

Not much to report on daily existence this week---My JoJo will be planting sweet potatoes this weekend--much to her little southern girl's heart's content....Good laughs at the Euro-zone, our politics and our stock market this week---like anybody cares anymore....Southern New Mexico weather has returned to a daily 100 degree's and 40 mph constant new hat however works excellent against the sun and the wind---and I am very pleased with it....I am going to cut my ponytail off this weekend---2 years worth----I'll bury it to prevent anyone from doing JuJu on me with it----(laugh if you will)---but it's down below my shoulder blades now and i need a break so I'll cut it off and start growing it again. Memorial day weekend is a good marker for this.

Currently reading The Drowned Cities, by Paolo Bacigalupi---122 pages in and it is an excellent, post cyberpunk, loose me in this horrible future-----reading that i love.

Memorial Day weekend here in New Mexico means thousands of accountants fire up their big Harley's and go to these motorcycle rallies around the state.  Republican riders or Ride for Jesus or thousands of wanna be's--- all wear their expensive "bad boy" attire--with the required bandanna's tied around their average white man haircut---load Suzie, the former cheerleader, now Sunday school teacher and mom of 3, on the back of their HOG, and pretend to be outlaws--ooooh! They actually fly colors---but you know--only for Jesus or some other stupid shit.....

See, I am old enough to have known real motorcycle clubs, gangs whatever you wanted to call them.  Real Bikers, real 1%er's, real outlaws---with real, completely, totally nasty old lady's on the back of their, built from nothing but stolen parts chopper--flying colors they would die to defend...and they were like Nitro, you never knew what might make them explode and stomp your ass into a puddle...Commuting home this evening being passed by mobs of Buffy's and Bif's-- riding for Jesus on their perfect Harley, on the righteous Republican highway, to the motorcycle rally and antique show---
I wondered, No actually I said it out loud
just how the fuck did this happen?

I also pondered, what any of the remaining true, real 1%er's think about Bambi and Herman wearing the tribal signs they invented to separate themselves from exactly these type of white bread people who now without fear have taken their symbols, their Harley's, leather---boots--and even riding with their own lame-ass colors flying. I understand there are advantages, that it probably makes it easier for their criminal system to work being lost in a crowd of these born to raise Heck Harley Dentists. But Damn man, just Damn..............

I deserved a reward this week---the why part---- you don't want to know------ I ordered a Therias & L 'Econome Vendetta style folding knife featuring a 4.25 inch traditional vendetta style, non locking blade and faux ivory slabs. Therias & L 'Econome claim to have been manufacturing knives in France since 1819.  This is a new version of a Corsican style knife produced for easily over 300 years. This will be my third French folding knife----I enjoy their quality, simplicity, beauty and history. 

This is a rather long knife at 5 inches closed so to carry on my belt I also ordered an A.G. Russell leather pouch at 5 and 3/4 inches in length--this pouch also appealed to me with it resemblance to a Mauser rifle cartridge pouch.....I may find that i have room enough in the pouch for both knife and perhaps a sharpening stick? I'll have to work this out once the orders arrive....

The newly elected French President has announced their intention to pull all combat troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2012.  This is the action of a mature society.  Afghanistan is going nowhere, but to total collapse once American forces leave...the Afghan phony President will probably wind up driving a cab in NYC if the locals do not catch him first and use his head playing polo.

We Americans, of course, are planning on remaining for another 2 years in a combat role..and supposedly to an unknown date beyond as "trainers".  In the No Shit Sherlock link below Obama addresses the fact that the American public have lost their support for operations in  Afghanistan. Really?---Get us out. Get us out before another 3000 lives are lost. How stupid can we possibly be?  If we continually have to do this kind of stupid shit it would be better for all concerned to wipe out a town of 3-4,000 Americans and then pile up a Trillion dollars on the now deserted main street and burn it!  Because that's what we have always, always, wound up doing for my whole life, every time we get involved with these countries.

It appears as if the newly re-hearted Dick Cheney will be doing a fund raiser for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney...Romney even advises that he will be looking for a man with the Cheney a running mate. Yeah, that's what he said---just what we'd need to hurry the Apocalypse along, Someone exactly like Cheney again..........

"Perhaps you and Larry will join us for the consumption
 of mass quantities this weekend...
We will ignite our new flame pit and char mammal flesh for you?"
Beldar Conehead


David Scott said...

You're on fire my brother in thought.

The other day, or should I say afew years ago I met an old Booze Fighter MC member passing through I grantee there is no resemblance to his type and weekend bikers. My cousin was affiliated with the HA's out of Stockton ca. He was mentioned in tHunters S. Thompson book "the Hell Angels" written back in 1960's. He was Okie living in Arizona and worked on their bikes.

But one thing for sure they all think they have bigger balls probaly caused by the bike vibration they usually wrote checks that heir body couldn't cash.

Dig the knife you diffidently don't want to carry it on your pocket. The blade length in Texas makes it a concealed weapon

I got to look up the book.

Stay cool.

LvsChant said...

loving the blog... looking forward to more. We'll be watching Children of Men this week...