Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prince Rupert's Problem

I have been developing a standard protocol for dealing with the outside world and under testing it worked well this week...I climb Mount Stupid at work, every day, only to repeat the identical process the next---but the new protocols held.

We found Monster dog a new home
 but we miss him. 

Republican attempts to regulate everything from vagina usage to that by law, off-duty military personnel must board commercial airline flights first, I do not know if i should laugh or cry.  Stupidity enhances persistence...
backed by the Religious right, and insane Billionaires, the Republican's have a great deal of persistence. All this will probably end up, with me, in a Republican Party re-education camp. 

My segment of New Mexico is in the direct path of this Sunday's 05/20/21 eclipse. We are going to attempt to view it if i can find some sort of suitable safety lenses---although I have never actually seen or read of a person who did go blind just by taking a quick look up at something like this?  It may the same urban legend thing your mother would say when you were a kid. My Mother would constantly tell me, that just about anything that was cool to play with, would put my eye out? I wondered what happened to all the one eyed kids there should have been in school and around the neighborhood? Did they all get locked up like Boo Radley?

The Euro-zone is heading down the toilet--as we all know--- but now---maybe this discussion is no longer the sole zone of we crackpot's and doomsayers...funny how that happens---the first believers, the truth tellers...always suffer---When suddenly everyone jumps on a concept and overnight it becomes the truth and not tin foil hat craziness.....No one knows the true extent of money our country has involved in French snail farms or Italian loan derivatives?  Perhaps in the next couple of weeks we'll find out how stupid our 1% really are---be prepared--- keep cash on hand and the gas tank full for the next few weeks..... 

Facebook another American company that produces nothing--Giving Americans the chance to tell each about themselves and to like each other--- the baby eating, wall street bankers, had to buy up the very Facebook stock that they were offering today---- to keep the stock above the asking price on it's opening day???  If the wall street bankers hadn't done this buying--- the true price/value of this company might have been exposed. All the standard paper trading back and forth of nothing which makes the 1% rich would not have happened....Perhaps  America has been fooled enough by Silicon Valley hucksters backed by New York Gordon Gecko's....but then again we are a nation of suckers. 

"Who died and made you fucking king of the Zombies?"
from Shaun of the dead

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David Scott said...

I have commented long and hard for many a year on how paper does not equal prductivity except in a paper mill. Unless you can hold it kick it, smell it, use it it has no real value.

I get the lower bunk in the re-education camp when the haul our sorry ass to them. Untill then keep the faith brother and never let them see you sweat.