Friday, May 04, 2012

Thabit Formula for Amicable Numbers

In a week of stress, insanity, and bewilderment...a small piece of wonder. 

The next door neighbor moved out---theirs was always a house of being incomplete in many ways. As a child of the city tho--in my mind, their world was theirs and ours was ours. He obtained a dog from somewhere after a relative burglarized his house (yeah, that kind of neighbor), a beautiful dog, an American Mastiff. How he got this dog i have no idea...obviously too good of a dog for the owner. He called him Monster and chained him in the bare, barren back yard...going out there every so often only to feed him a bit and water him. No shade, no companionship, no caring.
JoJo and I would sneak him treats and once a rubber toy from our Boston Terrier's stashes...he would sit on the wall and watch me take out the trash....jojo took the below photo one day.

A very loving dog, no watchdog for sure, Neighbor boy just wanted him because he was big. Well, Neighbor boy moved out over about 4 days and i was taking out the trash to the alley, and stopped by the wall to just look, missing monster and i sort of sighed, and very surprisingly Monster, hiding in a shed came out to look at me, he was still there....this little prick had left him chained up for at least 6 days (that we know of) with no food and no fresh water...ribs sticking out---what a sight. Jojo and i immediately fed and watered him and then the 80 year old couple across the street took him three days what a different dog.  Happy, clean, still skinny but gaining with 3 other dogs and our neighbors, he sleeps on their bedroom floor-----
finally he's in a pack.
The little prick showed up this morning looking for Monster---didn't find him tho---and left pissed off..... Monster's in the dog witness protection program now....and he has a pack of us to defend him.....
this was the one good thing of the week. Maybe this one thing was more than enough.

Trapped on the other side of the looking glass by my workplace.. Insanity there---i arrive home brain dead and unable to purge stupidity from my head....i spent the weeknights aimlessly prowling the web...not really thinking or reading, but attempting to loose myself...and not even accomplishing that.

Having been cursed not only by nature but by my mother as well I'm sure, I have a size 8 head...yes size 8. Technically anything this large should have a stewardess aboard....
Finding both caps and hats are a difficult endeavor..i can remember the few hats that have actually fit me fondly and how i grieved their loss. I took another chance on a hat today,  ordering the below, Scalar cotton blend, black hat in it's largest size XL---it may fit..I never know.

The tomatoes and peppers are planted. This to me is always the symbol that the true growing season has begun. We put out  30 tomato plants and I think my JoJo put out 40 some pepper plants...with the structural changes we made to the gardens this year, in response to climate change in our area, we are hoping for a better result this summer as compared to the way we merely tried to will the gardens to live through the drought last year. The research and engineering we have done may show us the way to survive the future....I was going to stop preaching on individual food production, but i find i cannot---if you are not growing some percentage of your food in any manner you are guaranteeing you will go hungry in your future.  

Claim to be "holier than thou" pay the price when you turn out to be human. 
Evangelist preachers and the Secret Service being caught with hookers, pay the price of their daily fraud.
The fraud of pretending to be better than you, the fraud of presenting themselves as being more that human. The FBI for years was the most successful government agency at this fraud...covering their failures, their paranoia, their disregard for the law with the caricature agent, the all-American square jawed, perfect suit and haircut Fed wrapped in patriotism. 
The American theory has always been that it is better to look good, than to be good, at whatever you do. We are, have been, and probably will always be an immature culture here in the United States--shocked to find that individuals who look, talk, and pretend to be holy are absolutely not.... 

My sentry gun control hardware.
True Photo as promised.

I have three or four science projects in the works....all in differing stages, awaiting a hoped for brainstorm to complete...i suppose it is better to have too many projects running rather than none.....

"Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism,
Dude, at least it's an ethos."
Walter Sobchak

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David Scott said...

Warren - I had a denim in a railroad,engineers cap that I eventually wore out. It was my favorite cap. But for full brim I like my straw road king Stetson I picked,up at aclearance sale for $10.

Don't forget that the night before Kennedy was killed his SS escorts visited Jack Ruby's strip club.

One of my sons rescued a German shepherd from abusive owners after the dog got out of the neighbors yard. Named Elvis he was the perfect family dog extremely patient with kids and very gentle.