Thursday, May 10, 2012

The quest for Lie Group E8

This American, Presidential election is similar to a crashing aircraft's passengers voting to change pilots. You can do it but it's not going to change the results.

I have a weakness for many things French. This includes their pocket knives. My most recent order is a Baladeo Laguiole Variation folding Pocket Knife... 5" in length when closed, Zebra wood slabs with the Laguiole symbol,la mouche, inlaid on the side. There are traditionally 109 steps involved in the creation of a Laguiole knife...This variation knife features non-traditional features such as one hand opening and a pocket clip and these modern features may be the reasons which made this particular model so affordable.

A few lines regarding follow through on previously posted material.

We received rain twice here so far this week in southern New Mexico. This alone is more rain than I believe we had all last spring and summer.
I received my Scalar Hat,described last week, it fits and appears to be excellent for my uses...I now have 3 hats that truly fit me--never been so hat lucky before in my life.
The sentry gun project has run into programming snags and i am taking a break from it for a couple of weeks, after deleting everything I've done so far, to start anew. 
I've nearly completed Windrow's "Our Friends Beneath the Sands" and a wonderful book it is--classic French Foreign Legion. 
My MPG average was 50.7 this week a bit lower due to headwinds on the homeward leg of the commute. 

I need to get my bicycle out of storage this weekend, air up the tires, perform standard maintenance and get it set up to ride a bit this summer...I feel guilty for not having used this excellent item. A problem is that i am going to have to invest in one of those gel type seats--the standard seat is tough on an old man ass--- No matter--i feel good having it stockpiled against the no gasoline times.

This week, the EDC work bag of choice, is my Tenba, olive green messenger. I'm infatuated with my new, used, IBM ThinkPad and have put it into use as my wander about laptop. The Tenba carries the big ThinkPad and all my required supplemental daily gear very well. These Tenba's are excellent bags, with a durable, clean, low profile design..I can definitely recommend them. This week i am less survivalist and more urban. 

I couldn't resist--not for $12.00. I remember the first time i saw one of these red digital watches. A guy at work had spent $500.00 or some such ungodly amount, on one of the first digital watches manufactured which had a red, read out like this. I remember, so clearly, all of us at work standing around making
ooooh-aaaah sounds, when he would make it light up.  Like Baboons trying to figure out a flashlight.

"There's some asshole at work you have to kowtow to, and you find yourself doing things you thought you'd never do. But you try and minimize that stuff, be the best person you can be. But you set your priorities. And that's the way life is. I wonder if your friend Alex knew that. 
One thing's for sure, he couldn't live with it.
I know I shouldn't talk; you guys knew him. But the thing is......
no one ever said it would be fun.
 At least one ever said it to me."
From the movie the Big Chill

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David Scott said...

Excellent post. I find that there are times that I have to have amnesia on what's going on to keep,from buying a high power rifle and climbing a tower.