Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outer Billiards

On leave for awhile about the homestead, working, reading, napping, writing, drawing....thinking, playing--attempting to be a natural man...., not owned. We filled a bowl with jobs written on slips of paper and I am drawing one or two winners each day...

Over it is..the Obamacare constitutionality fight...truly I am amazed that the proper decision carried the day. I considered all of the Justices bought and paid for. As I write this I am somewhat stunned. 
The Republicans have become so used to presenting propaganda as fact--from intelligent design, to trickle down economics, to birthers, to conception begins when you first think of fucking her, the 1% create jobs---they have become so used to the Nazi Big Lie succeeding--this must be earthquake like for them.....and their golfing pals from the health,drug,hospital and insurance companies...We are all going to die unattended on gurneys in a hospital hallway, but at least now they cannot bankrupt us at the same moment.

This morning I was out when the sun came up to Spray Booth, wash the VW camper..It was just me, the retired speed walking dudes, and the eh, street people out and about......

I was struck by how my weirdness fit right in downtown at this time of the morning..there was none of that, drifting on a strange tide feeling that i usually get around people. It was interesting. 

I have been searching for a tattoo to add to my right forearm. Nothing I have observed meant anything to me... the other day I had some time to just sit and think and the above illustration suddenly came to me and I jotted it down. Luckily being, well, being not right, means i constantly have a notebook and pen nearby. This of course is not to size--although the tat i am visualizing will be a smaller one...but I am thinking this just might be next?

I have found a man i can support with my entire being in the upcoming election for President of the United States.. Vermin Supreme---a man of the people, a Democrat..(with excellent fashion sense by the way) who brings with him a well thought out legislative platform for change based on raising Zombie Apocalypse Awareness and the promise of a free pony from the Government of the United States to each and every citizen--Vermin Supreme is my choice to lead our country through the dangerous times ahead. 

I bought some--I swear to God.

I hereby officially cancel the Autonomous Sentry Gun project for the homestead. The project as much as I desired it completed, appears to be beyond me and my capabilities. This project is terminated. I planned out the supply purchases for the Sentry Gun so that everything purchased has an addition valuable purpose at the homestead so there is no loss involved.
I can now turn my attention to several projects requiring attention..

I currently have two stand alone systems observing the front and rear entrances of the homestead. I would like to expand homestead surveillance into a single system which displays not only the front and rear of the house itself but the full sides of the residence and the garden areas. I have been somewhat proud of the limited surveillance capability I have constructed out of around the house materials and a very small expense but with the demise of the sentry gun full time, all area, visual surveillance becomes mandatory. It is however strange, that i despise public surveillance, but am fascinated by private surveillance and require it's presence.....there's probably a named phobia for that somewhere in some medical journal....

I am also on a rebuild of my geezer weather station...raising the wind sensor for a more accurate report of wind conditions---which in New Mexico requires a pole and structure which can stand up to the very wind you are trying to notate--not a small job--- rearming the system with fresh batteries, and so forth. Our geezer weather station is something neither JoJo nor I can live without---- checking first thing in the surveillance but surveillance non the less and of massive importance to gardeners. I will provide photo's when the new systems are up and running.

Immune from the world of fashion by Geezer Tactical,military surplus clothing it shocks me how fascinated i am with this particular sneaker. The Reebok ZigMaze.  I have no concept of what these designer sneakers sell for nor do i wish to find out---I just think it could be the perfect shoe to finish off my geezer tactical a sort of Japanese, time travel, assault unit member from the future enjoying the early bird special at IHOP.

"I have been going over my notes of our exploits 
over the past seven months.
Would you like to hear my conclusions?
...I am psychologically disturbed
Watson to Holmes 2009 film.

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David Scott said...

Warren - I knew I fitted in when the other day while sitting at a park bench holding the remnants of a cup of coffee, a yuppie scum passer by dropped change into my cup. Just kidding. - seriously I have always sought a certian anomity. So I dig what you mean about fitting into the weirdness of street life. Of going unnoticed. - I dig the candidate and have voted frequently on past versions, particularly for Texas governor. One of my favorite Kinky Friedman -