Thursday, June 14, 2012

Al Khwarizmi's Algebra

This week---Janet from the Blog, THE HOMESTEAD
and my JoJo tried creating home made pasta and it was almost one of those headlines that would read--"Tragedy Strikes female Survivalists in secret Bunker kitchen"---apparently there was much pasta wrestling and not much production....

My work, well let's not discuss recent work on the autonomous sentry gun, in fact no real work on any of the things that interest me..just work for money,sleep,work for money.

I haven't written of watches for a bit--truthfully nothing has sparked my fancy. That is  until prowling Amazon's watch section--I discovered this incredibly coolly nasty Croton, Mens, Chronomaster, chronograph in stainless steel. It appears as if Steampunk and Futurism collided in the watch factory and their mating produced this bizarre timekeeping specimen. According to the Amazon write up, it is big at 46mm in diameter, and of course I like big watches, the pricing is not bad at $99.00. There is something about this chronograph, some kind of 12 monkeys, Tank Girl, 5th element vibe that really, really appeals to me. I am watching this....

We are already picking and eating small early tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, Zucchini and small amounts of broccoli. My JoJo is making a daily fresh flower arrangements and today picked a huge basket of Plums off the 3 year old backyard tree, for making jam-- although at 1828hrs it is still 108 degree's outside I believe our shade cloth and irrigation work in the spring is paying off. I am extremely pleased with our increased flower beds this year as well---there has to be beauty with practicality. Photo's soon I promise.

53.4 miles per gallon average for the week this week--tremendously happy and i could care that the price of gas has dropped--- I am keeping my cash out of the hands of the 1%----so get off my lawn. 

Figures released this week by valid sources have proved that the middle class has "LOST"  20 years of earnings growth, savings, and investment in this decade. LOST is not the correct term, STOLEN, is the correct term. Your future was stolen...your money was stolen..Ivy league, bastard Republican politicians like Bush, their corrupt fraternity brother bankers, war mongering Psychopath neo-cons like Cheney and their lapdog wall street gamblers...they have stolen your life..Yet there is no roar from the crowd..this is no longer opinion---- it is fact--proven fact..Your children will wind up back in the Mills, working 12 hour days 6 days a week like my family did...Just where the rich wanted us.

Yet you are so slug like--so stupefied by spin doctors, Fox news, and the political advertisements of billionaire conservatives that instead of dragging the 1% out of their restaurants to the gallows---you merely shrug your shoulders if you even bothered to read the information. Meanwhile thieves like J. Dimon, whose JP Morgan Chase Bank recently lost, "somewhere" between 2 and 6 Billion dollars is treated like the prince that he is by a Senate Investigative committee, which of course seats 16 members who receive campaign donations from this man...Gee, thank God we are one of those honest nations--not like the bad guys out there in the world. Both the 1% and the 99% can go pound sand as far as I am concerned---

I resisted all the hunger games brooh-ha-ha. A friend lent me the book, and I was a reluctant reader---however i have to admit that it is an excellent, quick read, and well done. It does remind me of a Japanese Novel--Battle Royale--which was very eclectic---and based on the same concept--but as a quick--easy, involving read, Hunger games is not at all bad---I understand that many young females have now expressed an interest in archery because of the popularity of this book---this pleases me----- 

Resupply time for the Everyday carry department of my existence. Just small items, needed or replacements. One new item--the below illustrated, one time use, handcuff key in a zipper pull. A hedged bet against the future Republican Party re-education camps...

A packet of 4 locking, plastic D-Rings- Grimlocks...excellent for cannot have enough of these no matter what.

Then, an on-sale attempt to incorporate multiple, soon to be filled notebooks, into a singular. The ever present desire to organize--hopefully this cheap, small 3&1/4 inch by 6&1/4 inch planner will replace several notebooks in my EDC bag...

"Jesus. I'm glad I know nothing about psychotherapy, about Jung and Freud
and that lot.
If I did, I'd probably be extremely frightened by now."
Jon Cusack in High Fidelity

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David Scott said...

Here in N. central Tx. we have been fortunate with lower temps and the occasional rain. Of course no blessing doesn't come without a curse in the form of severe storms and 1" wind driven hail.

Great ideal on the zipper pull.

No matter how digital I maybe, there always seem to bea notebook and pen handy.