Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sierpinski numbers

50.0 miles per gallon average in the Prius this week, even with Sirocco like winds and 111 degree temperatures. 

Environmentally here it was definitely Non-friendly, a tough working week.

The stock market tanks this week due to poor economic reports and higher joblessness. I don't think the truth should trouble this fixed casino? Cash and physically useful assets are the real future. 

Europe fumbles about constantly taking the economic world to the bring and then back again..till no one cares any longer. 

I heard about DryBath  nice to have you can bathe and disinfect yourself with almost zero water...I am going to have to look at a case for the Homestead to put back....

Working, reading, thinking this week as well as feeling a bit old. 

An excellent article by the Guardian Newspaper at the link on why we are becoming fatter and fatter. 

As in all things there are many reasons--but in reading the article I was overwhelmed by the evidence pointing to corporate food tampering with additives for both both profit and addiction--the evidence is startling just from the time lines...presented...worth a read.

I enjoying getting older. Now at 60 I can wear what I want, practical hats, use a walking stick, and I am now considered funny by waitresses. In aging, many hand to hand techniques become, well impractical at best. No leaping, spinning, or super ninja strikes any longer, nor are my reflexes those of a leopard any longer, more like that of the sloth.
I have therefore begun to investigate Bartitsu
A British Victorian Martial Art system which included all forms of defense, Boxing, stick and cane fighting..and used by Doyle in the last Sherlock Holmes pieces. I have recently ordered and received the below book from England on the subject. Not only small and beautifully made but this book is a reprint of Bartitsu technique articles from 1900--Great chapter titles, as with this example, "How to remove an unruly gentleman from a room."

The best visual examples, of Bartitsu, to be had are displayed in the Robert Downey recent film versions of Sherlock Holmes. In fact I ordered and received a copy (used of course) of the 2009 movie. I understand the recently released 2nd Downey/Holmes movie is also excellent and displays even more Bartitsu techniques and I have also ordered that.

I have become fascinated with the concept of combining Victorian martial disciplines. I routinely carry old weapon systems--such as my pristine .38 S&W caliber, 4" Webley revolver. 

My Cold Steel sword cane....

Why not then utilize an old time gentlemanly, hand to hand, self defense system with the other tools? One's tools and techniques should match one's age I think--like one's hat, pistol and walking stick. 

Garden photo's...we are so pleased with the results of our Physical adaption to climate change in our garden rebuild done this fall-- utilizing shade cloth, and designed in drip irrigation. Below are previously promised photographs taken on 6-16.
The full yard length shade cloth bed--tomatoes, cukes and so forth here. Growth has been excellent and we are eating early small tomatoes and Japanese Cucumbers. 

Below lining the opposing side of the backyard the individual boxes each with their own PVC framing for shade cloth.

Our plum tree is now 3 years old and for the first time we obtained fruit.  This year's plums are displayed below. My JoJo will be making jam and we'll get a few jars when these are rendered but then again for personal use 5-8 jars per season will be plenty.

White and red Onions---these are just sample buckets, so far we have harvested two big wheel barrows of both varieties. Onions of course can make any meal and are excellent for trading if necessary...Onions are considered so valuable in India the pricing is set by the government. 

On 6/18 we picked our first CORN--Anasazi corn. The Anasazi were a high culture here in New Mexico around AD500. (see the link)..This particular variety of corn we planted again as a method of facing climate change with adaptation by planting what has worked in this climate...with the success of this corn variety, we are going to plant, Anasazi beans as well...we could never before get our corn to ear up and at the beginning of the season we have already picked the below size pile...just excellent. 

For any new readers, we are working on a 50x90' lot--in a house built in 1903- a 13 minute walking distance from our downtown. The intention is always to be as self-sufficient as possible, reduce our contribution to the 1%er's profit margin as far as possible, and to be able to survive the slide to third world status that is occurring. 

"So i was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since i started working, every single day of my life has been worse that the day before it.
So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the
worst day of my life."

Peter Gibbons-in the film OFFICE SPACE

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David Scott said...

Weren't - I am in total agreement with all said by post.
In deed old age is not for the faint of heart but you get away with more. - I remind myself I am dependent on the kindness of others and treat those around me accordingly.- you garden is fantastic - both movies are fantastic well worth the watching. - personally I am enarmoured of a 1890 S&W Russian 44 caliber - keep up the post look forward to each one.