Friday, June 08, 2012

Viviani's Theorem

I have no answers for the past week--I do not even know what the question was---

There are times i am very proud of my adopted state, New Mexico..
Not always tho as a friend of mine aptly puts it---
"It's New Mexico---not New and Improved Mexico."
You have to go to the link below and read that one of our small towns, has the below pictured official town dog, Blue.
Blue refuses adoption living in front of the town hardware store. The locals have built him an air conditioned Dog house, he has a donated bank account of $1800.00 to provide medical upkeep..His job is to be the friendly dog for the community. Blue now has his own local lawyer, since an old lady in town is beefing that he is not on a leash....Blue will have his day in court...

Today, 06/07, was "take your kid to work day"...amazing--I was able to observe generations of the co-worker gene pool close up.


Take your kid to work day is supposed to be cute, well somehow, and of course, was probably, founded and instigated by those around the office who you hate without even thinking about them reproducing----the ones who are always doing pot lucks or saying prayers if someone is sick, those insufferably happy ones. I have absolutely no need to see examples of the result of these people's unskilled mating in the dark appearing in my office, picking it's nose.

Twice daily on my commute i pass by 5 HUGE..Dairy feedlots. These things are massive--and New Mexico has many of question is how can you eat or drink ANYTHING that comes out of a FOUL, STENCH RIDDEN SHIT HOLE like this?? I really cannot remember the last time i drank a glass of milk but I know for sure it was before this foul system of processing was developed.

These animals are living deep within their own shit--hardly moving with no place to lie except in their own shit..they give birth in their own shit and you eat and drink from an animal contaminated like this?

The STENCH driving just driving by, even with the Prius sealed up  like a nuclear submarine, is literally gagging-- makes you almost puke up...People here involved in this horrible process will say "heh heh smells like money to me"
Complete idiots--yeah right, your house smells like money, your old lady smells like money and your kid smells like money then--
shitty dirty foul money to anyone with a nose.
This cannot be good for anyone--at all--it just can't be---think about it---don't try to drive faster when you pass one of these feedlots to get out of the stink because you are consuming this stench...and worse.....

The Republicans have managed to convince the brainless amoeba, which passes for the American public today, that unions and a living wage are bad for anyone including their neighbor...I must admit the Republicans did masterful job of spin, lies and understanding the American Single cell organism that now votes in Wisconsin. Republicans have managed to implant in the zombie like brain of Fox watching Americans that decent wages and retirements for public workers are the reason for the economic collapse--and not of course due to the Republican bailouts, thievery, stock market con games and the like all accomplished by the 1% that they represent so well...I have to admire the genius of this---after all, the Nazi's were the ones who said that a big lie is easier to put over than a small lie--- 

The Wisconsin recall election is a sample of what is to come...the ignorant led by the lies of the oppressors...They have turned Stupid white guy against stupid white guy...we will get only what we deserve....I completely understand how the guy below feels....this is my future as well.....

The new books is on knife fighting--Medieval and Renaissance Dagger Combat. I wished to study the background of European Knife fighting techniques and am starting the study with this volume on the background of the fighting knife in Europe..In just a few pages it has already reshaped my belief structure on Medieval fighting forms...

"I honestly don't know what i have in common with those people anymore...or with anyone, really. I mean, they'll all have husbands and wives and children and houses and dogs, and you know, they'll have made themselves a part of something, and they can talk about what they do. And what am I going to say? "I killed the President of Paraguay with a fork...How have you been? I just think it'll be depressing."

John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank

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David Scott said...

Warren - I could not agree with you more. The idiotic continue to blindly follow, never questioning, doubt never enter their mind. That is what I fear the most. Where the media under the influence of the elite have created a nation of zombies.