Monday, July 05, 2010

I've been off work.....

I have never lost my fascination with micro computing........i still love the idea, the concept, of pulling three small boxes from ones pocket, assembling them quickly to write e-mail, browse the net or do on demand specific item researching----with the same power as a large desktop unit.
I have never been one for large computers--for example my "BIG" powerful home unit is a Dell m1210.....I love the photo's on FLICKR...and have fav'd many of them where a small machine with an added keyboard is blogging from a coffee shop out and about..........

To help me move along with my micro computing goal... today i purchased, used, a Nokia N810 Internet tablet---this little pocket powerhouse should be the trick i need for the day to day weirdness i do. Do not misunderstand i still love my Samsung net book--and i'll carry it with me daily in my messenger bag but now it goes along with along with my Palm M105, my Nokia N810 and a portable keyboard. I guess i can never explain this to anyone so there is no sense in trying.

Just today i found something interesting on the action figure collection......My John Locke (from Lost) figure has risen in value to $199.00. Here again tho that is only for the never out of the box 40 year old virgin collector.... i cannot do this.....i have to open the figures, put them on my shelves, try them in different position--blahblahblah.... cool right now outweighs any future profit in my world i guess.

I did today order a McFarland version of CPL. Hicks colonial marine figure based on the film Aliens II. Other than a lack of a helmet and the fact that he really does not look like Hicks, for my budget of $16.00 it's not too bad. We'll see when it comes in the pulse rifle looks to be very cool.

Was sorely needed---
I had been ground down by work over the past six months physically and mentally.
I did not set out to accomplish large tasking over this 14 days of leave, but rather ONE HUGE LONE TASK the secession of smoking. Which i may have by accident accomplished. Although as i sit here writing I long for a cigarette. It will soon be ten days without a cigarette....tough since i really really liked to appears as if I may have done long as i do not fall victim to the pressures of work..that is the toughest part for

As i drift into the early part of my second week---I've had the Prius maintenance done, my bicycle assembled, my worm farm built and inhabitants put in place. I have completed the training and requirements to apply for a concealed carry weapons permit. I have cleaned and organized different sections of the house and the shed....cleaned front and back patio's...I've napped and slept whenever i have felt like it--i have gotten up early and stayed up late. I have stopped eating meat, smoking, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee--Christ all I'd need is a spinning wheel and i could be the new Gandhi.

Of course when you are an element of the machine--it all depends on how well in any state you can deal with it's demands...

Do you think I just make this shit up? How can anyone complain about any improvement to our health care system:

He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.
Thomas Fuller


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