Friday, July 23, 2010

Bob, our tortoise is currently binging on tomato's in the garden--politely eating a whole entire tomato before moving onto the next tomato....i believe he may like our gardens better than the desert, no tomato's in the old desert......

I have three books ordered---in Non Fiction two----one on the history of the1930's dust bowl of the Mid-west. Looking for survival information in that one...... another non-fiction on the strategic projections for Climate change---for example climate wars for water, food etc....and a science fiction anthology on future Metropolis's-----i'll give better details as they come in and are read...........
Now streaming season 2 of the Sarah Conner Chronicles---- Ah! to be a 16 year old John Conner with my own hot terminator body guard who loves the universal balance of things-------the cost of being pursued by the nasty terminators would be so worth it.........
No working Rovio yet, still awaiting the promised replacement parts from the company----does this bother me---yes---can i do anything about it---no.

I have 600 some odd days until I could retire and I may not go then based on the economy but i have already felt the effects of being retirement almost capable.

I spoke with my boss last month and advised him that i was never cutting my hair again and did this bother him or the organization? He said no.....the truth or lie of the response doesn't matter to me on this issue. I'll be growing my hair into a tail for the remainder of my two years. There is no more need for me to impress--i have traveled as far down the work road as i am going to go success wise and it has been further than I ever believed possible.
The signs and symbols that were once necessary for me are not so any longer.
I have (or am) stopping the purchasing of any type of work related clothing such as the dreaded necktie, sport coats, dress shirts etc. Why purchase any of this stuff if it will never be used ever again except in the casket and one outfit regardless of fit is enough.
So my new daily work outfit consists of black, EMT, 9 pocket pants, terra planna, worn again sneakers or boots and usually an expensive casual shirt as my daily business attire. I keep the dreaded sign of slavery---- the necktie off me as much as possible during the workday and although this is a demanded physical display to the rest of the Baboon troop for status indication. I bring one but it has been spending its time on sitting in the glove box of the Prius. Worn only for the dreaded meetings we all suffer through.
If by some chance I am caught tie-less I have created and committed to memory multiple excuses as to why I am not wearing one---to prevent howling attacks and shit throwing, by higher ranked baboons over my failure to comply to troop rules.It is that I can simply no longer accept demands from the work place as to how i look. I cannot be owned any longer and our most important display of independence, how we appear, has become important to me now for serious reasons. I will own myself.
It was actually special to go in and basically advise that I done with all this stupid valueless shit that's somehow made itself REQUIRED? So about the site i go developing what i call the new Geezer Tactical leave me the fuck alone look.....

Well aren't we special eh?
I've been feeling pretty positive about the only self for the past couple of days. I feel as if i have my daily equipment and essentials planned, obtained, and available like never before in a smaller, more positive and effective state of operation. I am reading, writing, computing, creating, and moving through life in a good state. Home is clean, organized, and a pleasure to live in and about right now.
I for the most part feel in control in some way for a change----to the point where i think i may not collapse and die from stress like the lowest ranking baboon in the troop.
I still stagger about engaged in projects of my own making. I obtained all the parts and supplies necessary today to rehabilitate a beat cruiser-style bicycle given to us. A project of art, mechanics, expense, and a public response when completed of "why did you do this again?" My required fundamentals in anything i approach, much like Doc Brown in back to the future.
My success's have pleased me and my failures have not discouraged me over the past few days and that is a very good sign. But as always no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.
F. Scott Fitzgerald


David Scott said...

Your comments approaching reteriment is spot on.
As I approached my magic day eight months ago I became less tolerant of the beaucratic bull shit (BBS) to the point I once told a engineer that what he wanted done was the stupidest thing I ever heard and if he wanted it done do it himself.

Warren said...

thanks David
you are absolutely correct. The closer to retirement i get the more I become an Honest Oracle.
thanks for the comment