Friday, March 07, 2008

I've returned from a airline hell...You can barely understand the insanity of what passes for air travel to a rainman geek like myself...first leg out a 7 hour wait--broken plane---no seats out of Dallas--so--stay the night--late getting out of Dallas the next day---flight coming home cancelled---finally fly into a city 3 hours away by vehicle and rent a car to get home.....all this brought to me by American Airlines! I just utterly despise the stupidity involved in their system... i spent 58 hours in travel status for a 48 hour meeting i was a day late to....American systems are just down the rabbit hole---it's game over people--game over. We are no longer have first world status. It was also interesting to note that a 4 star resort hotel charged $9.95 for 24 hours of incredibly slow wireless Internet...i guess the rich do not spend alot of time online--they probably have people for that.

"I aim to misbehave" in the next paragraph on Bush and his buddies raping of the US treasury which seemingly knows no bounds... Halliburton's largest subsidiary (until last year) pays no taxes on their no bid contracts and their employee's pay nothing into social security and nothing in taxes...the Bush minor imps and demons simply cannot pull their hands out of the free public money bin. It's disgusting..go here read this and then throw up.
However if you want a real bummer go to zfacts the Iraq money watch--and observe your tax dollars disappear down the toilet on an moment by moment basis... When all is lost there is always good guys out there. This is a link to an excellent website called Halliburton watch if you'd like the real story on this armed robbery you need to read this site routinely.

i have gotten my magazine subscriptions up to speed connecting to the resources necessary for what i need..i receive:::: Wired

I'm happy to report that I managed to do quite alittle work on the Nerd Cave on my return home this weekend--i hooked up dual monitors to my XPS laptop and set up as well as a flat screen tv all on my desk--- I managed to get my Lego organizing part bins up..... as a result my nerd cave is starting to look like Mr. Universe's headquarters in the Serenity movie. I also just ordered my Lego Mindstorm kit and a reference book after successfully constructing two Lego test kits...this should be interesting..a big step for me.
This past week was totally bizarro world--no doubt--i'm tremendously glad to be home, I desperately missed my wife, and now amongst my computers, experiments, boston terriers and projects...i'm feeling better---the world out there is terribly strange!

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