Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have developed a strange lego technique over the past few days. Without realization i began creating a type of mechano-art pieces. The things i am build do stuff...nothing important--gears turn, armatures swing and a small piece of art is involved somewhere in the process---take this example that materialized last night---these objects just seem to appear out of my hands as i sit and begin attaching random technic parts together. There is no actual end product objective some point I will grab a "throw-away piece of something i did--kinda-sorta art" attach it and the piece is suddenly done..This ranks right up there with doggie stonehenge for mystery (see previous blogs). A new element in my operation of day to day life is now when confronted with one of those hysterically irritating day after day problems I seem to reach for Lego's, homemade engineering and my brain, in that order. Let me give you an example---I used to hang my ties on a plastic coat hanger in the closet. Of course, slipping ties and no method to search through the ties without terminal disaster was an everyday irratation. Fed up today i reached for the lego's simply deciding to "fix this". Twenty minutes and three prototypes later I had several, locking tie hangers for the closet, built out of lego technic parts...they work great..and i did it myself instantly.
I made the personal mpg record book this weekend with 55.7 mpg over a 38 mile distance..standard highway travel at the speed limit, 70 mph. I am completely beside myself with that capability..It was also interesting to note that regular unleaded gasoline in my area hit $3.99 9/10ths a gallon Saturday 03-29. This seemed to be localized in the one town i was passing through but still--once one set of gasoline price increases hit anywhere--all filing stations seem to follow, like a gas station alien hive mind, directed by some hidden big queen. Although i have the hope to purchase an all electric vehicle as soon as one becomes in working reality, available--the Prius is living up to any and all of my expectations and is the best possible solution of the moment.
I suppose i must now honestly admit that am a Terra Plana shoe junkie:
i currently own 3 pairs of Terra Plana's, with another pair on the way...These are the best shoes i've ever owned. Constructed of recycled materials which combined with a funky,geek,high self esteem design factor, Terra Plana shoes are beyond excellent. Bear in mind this comes from a guy who never gave shoes a thought before----shoes used to be one of those items not on my personal radar screen. I've learned the hard way that if i find a pair of terra plana's i like i need to buy them before they disappear or the company ceases manufacturing that particular style..TP styles change often---these shoes are a "if we have them you can have them kinda" thing. I just ordered a pair of "BIKE HI", well, TP sneakers. Your first thought might be 'Hey those are Converse's' but nothing could be further from the truth. Each shoe design is made from a variety of random recovered materials recycled into the manufacturing process of the shoe such as:leather from car seats, seatbelts, bicycle tyres and recycled rubber for the soles to parachute silk and tweed jackets. These shoes have sort of become my trademark at work. Wearing these rascals with a black suit, sorta makes a statement--ya think?
This will make everything alright:
Europe's CERN laboratory, home of the new super collider is being sued by American lawyers to prevent the possible destruction of the Earth. Yes,lawyers save the Earth??? You see, the CERN supercollider may be the most powerful instrument ever built, and the device may allow humans to understand the true nature of the universe and black holes...some say that the construction of an experimental black hole within the supercollider could destroy the earth---Lawyers will save us from those dangerous scientists! I can see the TV commericals now: "If you or anyone you know has been injured by Supercollider research call the number on your screen. Call now, don't delay!"
This is a guy the lawyers should be calling--this dude found that a good size piece of fused space junk slammed into his yard...shades of men in black eh? No wonder this dude is staring at it--i bet that would leave a mark if you were under it...
As a last item in the spooky action catagory, this is absolutely perfect--- the "National UFO Reporting Center" (which by the way is one dude) purchased a missle silo and is moving the center into is this perfect or what. I actually admire Peter Davenport the sole researcher, owner and libarian of the Center very much. In fact if it wasn't for him UFO sighting information would disappear over time. Mr. Davenport is planning on residing in the Silo as well but the idea of storing records photo's and having the center in a secure location is perfect. Apparently there is a great amount of work to be done to make the Silo liveable...i wish he had a little paypal button i'd send him a couple of bucks..

Here's a list of stuff that i'm working on or scheduling for examination to work on---rebuild my desktop and see if i can assign it to working for the Seti project and gaming...a new disc drive is in route for the asus laptop..finishing up opening boxes and sorting material from the move...finish painting the interior of the small house--find a solar contractor for installation of panels on the house/garage..still on the agenda are the birth control hubcaps for the prius--and a bunch of stuff too numerous to mention but that will probably wind up here---

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