Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been awhile since I've advised on what my recent reading has centered on i had alot going on and my reading has reduced by force...Te following is what I'm currently reading, these books are pretty much in process status all at the same time so here we go-- #1-"A World without time,the forgotten legacy of Godel and Einstein" by Palle Yourgrau...this book is simply excellent--Einstein stated that he stayed at the Institute for Advanced Study for the last ten years only because "he could walk home with Godel."
Godel, whom some say was the most brilliant mathematician of his generation, whose theories on time, and time travel, which are focused in this book, are only now becoming understood. Godel actually starved to death while at the institute of advanced study in princeton NJ. According to medical reports he weighed 68 lbs when he died. His wife had tasted his food for him for 40 years (he was afraid of being poisoned by unknown enemies). She became sick and hospitalized for a long term, and he died of starvation without her. At any rate the book is excellent if you are into math (lots of crazed math stuff in here be warned), quantum theory, and the true life weirdness of genius then i highly recommend you read this.
#2-"The Black Swan, the impact of the highly improbable" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Advising that humans believe that there is such a thing as normalcy and predictability, and this is totally incorrect. That the improbable happens all the time changes history and human patterns, we simply do not see it or recognize the possibility or record it mentally as a species. Excellent...The author is excellent especially in detailing complexity with humor and candor...I think that no one else could actually have written this. I recommend this if you like to read something different and think about what you've read.
#3 "The Computer: an Illustrated History" by Mark Fraunfelter. I've just started this big book and it is perfect for me. Huge, extremely well,well illustrated....this book deserves more than a quick in reading review--i'll write more on this book later...but i can tell you this if you are at all wrapped around computers, their history and impact on humans you need this book...i found the mechanical and early analog/computer-calculators fascinating and i had a huge gap in my knowledge in this area...right now it's working as an excellent bathroom book, alittle huge but the perfect place for it..
well that's what's working on my reading list right at the moment...

In the laptop world i've got two items in motion--i am totally bummed that suddenly my portable disc drive for my asus apparently crapped out--can't figure it yet but i am working on it. The problem with computers is that once you have everything perfect the machine decides differently! A total upside tho is my recent acquisition of a time capsule perfect NEC750. I mean time capsule perfect. Right now i am working through utilization of this rascal..I'll take pictures of this time traveler and post them is however totally coolio.

A few random items that caught my interest over the past few days causing new thought patterns.
You know the FBI has got one thing they really never give up, besides bad suits and Mormon haircuts...36 years later they are still working DB Cooper--and they think they, no not they, a citizen may have found DB's parachute. Go here: Another bummer is that the inventor of the Egg McMuffin..just died..think of all the times you ate one while reading this...
and one continues displays how our national airlines are literally falling apart.
My faith is restored amazingly at the turn of the spring equinox my average daily commute mileage made a big increase! i believe that the prevailing winds changed direction allowing for an increase from 48.6 mpg for the most part to a high of 51.7mpg and an average of 50.6 mpg. This indicates to me what are the three major elements of mileage--vehicle design,operator technique and weather conditions...amazing...this is the kind of information you know, but really don't know, you know? This is a new site (to me anyway) lobbying for all electric autos. Anyone interested in electric cars should go here and support this
recently thought about underrated items and not just movies, and other stuff:
#1-The Hudsucker Proxy--a coen brothers movie of course but an under appreciated one! Worth watching simply because of the beautiful visuals of an internal brain New York City of the 1950's and of course it's inherent strangeness.Besides the board of directors of hudsucker remind me of this current administration.
#2-Gray primer spray paint: you can paint anything with it--especially things that do not want to be painted. I just painted plastic organizer boxes to match the items in the nerd cave and it worked great---made me appreciate it.
#3-libraries eliminating old computer books for resale. If you are into older computers and pda's the greatest source of "how-to" and/or can find.
#4- Amazon one click no need to elaborate on this one..where would i be without it.
#5-Aftermarket ashtrays for vehicles--without these i would now be screwed. Can't get a vehicle with an ashtray any longer. Thank you nanny state. Next attack will be on your cheeseburger.

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